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Connect FrameReady to your Shopify account and synchronize your Shopify orders, products, and customers with FrameReady

FrameReady is integrated with Shopify and offers you the option to import and synchronize your Shopify orders, products, and customers.*

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

Shopify Integration


Import Shopify orders and customers into FrameReady

All payments from Shopify Orders are assigned to FrameReady Invoices

Change data on one side and update the other, and vice versa

Benefits of using the FrameReady and Shopify Integration

• No need to enter information twice anymore; import your Shopify Sales directly into FrameReady.

• No need to manage your products and customers in two different places. Inventory management is a breeze, as well as keeping up with product and customer information changes. Information that is changed on either side can be pushed and updated to the other. i.e from Shopify to FrameReady and vice versa.

• The Shopify Integration in FrameReady makes accounting easier by not having sales amounts in two different places: all payments from Shopify Orders are attached to FrameReady Invoices when created by the integration.

• It's FREE! There is no additional cost for the out-of-the-box integration that comes bundled with FrameReady.

• Full documentation is available on our website on how to connect and use the integration.

Add Custom Automations to your Integration

The out-of-box, the Shopify Integration works in manual, on-demand mode. By adding Automations, the Shopify Integration process runs automatically in the background on your FrameReady server at set time intervals (you can also use the integration manually).

• Perfect if you have large data sets of Shopify customers, orders, or products to manage.

• No need to manually import new Shopify data throughout the day.

• For example: The Automation can synchronize your Shopify Product inventory with your FrameReady inventory every 10 minutes.

• The Automation process begins with a 1 hour onboarding meeting to determine business needs.

• Development is estimated within a block of hours.

For more information or to schedule a 1 hour onboading meeting,
please call Sales at 1-888-281-3303 x204


The Shopify Integration is available as a free integration in FrameReady.

Included in FrameReady at no additional charge.
Requires an active Shopify account.

* Requirements

• Compatible with Windows or Mac. See System Requirements

• Requires an internet connection.

• Requires an active Shopify account and additional setup in FrameReady.

• Additional functionality available for additional costs.

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