FrameReady Comparison Chart


Choose the Standard version for the perfect choice for the independent custom frame shop with everything you need to manage your business.

Prices custom framing, tracks customers, creates invoices, purchase orders and work orders, generates financial reports, organizes production, tracks art/retail inventory, and handles customer communication with extensive marketing tools.

FrameReady Lite

Choose the Lite version if you have a gallery framing department or you are a photographer, artist, photo lab, portrait studio, designer, or home-based framer.

Prices custom framing, tracks customers, purchase orders and work orders, organizes production and handles customer communication.

FrameReady Lite is primarily focused on Work Orders, Contacts, and Price Codes and does not include Invoices, Products, Gift Certificates, or the following integrations: FrameReady Pay, QuickBooks, Xero, Square, Shopify.

Comparison Chart

Work Orders

  FrameReady Lite FrameReady
Frame Price Calculation
Create & Print Work Orders
Edit Work Orders
On Screen Discounts
Print & Save Estimates
Track Order Status
Incomplete Work Order List

Customers and Other Contacts

  FrameReady Lite FrameReady
Customer Database
Customer Work Order History
Customer Keywords
Mailing Labels
SMS Text Messages
Spanish/French Customer Documents
Customer Email
Google Map Interface
PDF Reports
Gift Certificates/Cards

Frame Pricing

  FrameReady Lite FrameReady
Vendor Pricing Updates*
3D Pricing
Quick Price Check

* With an Active FrameReady Subscription


  FrameReady Lite FrameReady
QuickBooks Online1
Credit Card Processing2
Constant Contact6
SMS Text Message7
Excel export
Wizard ® MatDesigner
Wizard ® Integrated Framer
Wizard ® FrameShop
Gunnar CMC
Valiani CMC

1 Additional feel and Quickbooks Online subscription required.

2 Requires PIN pad hardware and software setup from Payment Logistics.

3 Requires a Square Terminal purchased from the Square website.

4 Requires an active Shopify account and additional setup in FrameReady.

5 Requires an active Mailchimp account and some setup in FrameReady.

6 Requires an active Constant Contact account and some setup in FrameReady.

7 Requires a valid subscription to either ClickSend or BulkSMS service.

Inventory and Stock Management

  FrameReady Lite FrameReady
Auto Inventory
Moulding Usage Reports
Moulding/Matboard Ordering
Purchase Orders
Central Inventory

Invoices and Accounting

  FrameReady Lite FrameReady
Customer Purchase History
Create Invoices
Accept Payments
Allocates Payments to Specific Orders
Accounts Receivable
Customize Statements

Art and Retail Products

  FrameReady Lite FrameReady
Products Inventory
Consignment Art Reports
Artist CV
Consignment Art Feature
Art Directory Catalogue
Product Label Printing
Retail Product File
Art Resource Catalogue

Special Items

  FrameReady Lite FrameReady
Find Feature
Digital Photos
In-house Messaging
Employee Time Card

Multi Site

Connect two or more stores to a centralized FrameReady with shared pricing.

  FrameReady Lite FrameReady
Work Orders
Real-time Inventory Control