SMS Integration

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Send text messages to customer's smart phones from FrameReady using either BulkSMS or ClickSend.

FrameReady offers the option to use a third-party SMS service to send text notifications directly to your customer's cell phone.

  • SMS stands for "Short Messaging Service" and is supported by every mobile network and device; any cell phone an receive an SMS message.

  • Messages are limited to 160 alphanumeric characters per message and supports plain text and links.

  • Cheaper than MMS ("Multimedia Message Service").

SMS text messages


Send a text message to a FrameReady Contact

FrameReady records a copy of the message in the Date/Notes tab

Messages are limited to 160 alphanumeric characters per message


The SMS Integration is available as a free integration in FrameReady.

Included in FrameReady at no additional charge.
Requires an active ClickSend or BulkSMS Account.


• Requires a valid subscription to one of the following application-to-device communication services: ClickSend or BulkSMS

• Requires FrameReady 13 and FileMaker Pro 19.4 or greater.

• Compatible with Windows or Mac. See System Requirements

• Requires an internet connection.

Official Websites

BulkSMS Official Website   |   ClickSend Official Website

ClickSend Country-Specific Information

Business SMS Gateway
United Kingdom
United States

BulkSMS Country-Specific Information

United Kingdom
United States

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