Data Conversion

LifeSaver Desktop Data Conversion

Switch to FrameReady and take your LifeSaver data with you!

Did you know?
If you are using LifeSaver Desktop at your shop (and not the cloud version), then we can import your data into FrameReady

After importing the data from your LifeSaver databases into FrameReady, you will be able to see:

  • Customer information
  • Work orders history
  • Invoice history
  • Payments history

Keep your valuable LifeSaver information, get up and running with our FrameReady, Set, Go! program, and you'll soon discover how great FrameReady is!

For more information on switching, please contact Sales.

Migrate to FrameReady and import your LifeSaver data

More Conversion Opportunities

We are proud of the ways we can import data from other software packages into FrameReady.

We have made it even easier to get FrameReady
up and running in your shop!

"FrameReady, Set, Go!" is a monthly subscription plan that makes great business sense.

No computer? No problem! We have an option that includes providing a new Mac Mini!