Xero Integration

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Connect FrameReady to your Xero account and synchronize contacts and invoices

FrameReady is integrated with Xero and offers you the option to import and synchronize your Xero Contacts and Invoices.

Xero is cloud-based accounting software that connects small business owners with their numbers, their bank, and advisors anytime. Founded in 2006, Xero now has 3.5 million subscribers and is a leader in cloud accounting across New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Xero Integration


Sync your FrameReady contacts and invoices to Xero

Sync your Xero contacts and invoices to FrameReady

Supports Xero multi-organization and FrameReady multi-site

Contacts: FrameReady and Xero

  • Bring your contacts from Xero and link them to FrameReady.

  • Ability to sync Contacts both ways (from FrameReady to Xero and from Xero to FrameReady).

  • Ability to sync just the Contacts that haven't been synched yet.

  • View a FrameReady contact in Xero.

Invoices: FrameReady and Xero

  • Ability to sync Invoices both ways (from FrameReady to Xero and from Xero to FrameReady).

  • Sync just the Invoices that haven't been synched yet.

  • View a FrameReady invoice in Xero.

Xero multiorganization / multisite support.


The Xero Integration is available as a free integration in FrameReady.

Included in FrameReady at no additional charge.
Requires an active Xero Account.

* Requirements

• Requires an active Xero Account.

• Compatible with Windows or Mac. See System Requirements

• Requires an internet connection.

• Requires FrameReady 13 and FileMaker Pro 19.4 or greater.

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