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Include a Mac mini in your FrameReady Subscription

"FrameReady, Set, Go!" is a monthly subscription plan that makes great business sense: it can include a new Mac mini!*

FrameReady offers you the option to add an Apple Mac mini computer to your monthy subscription. You can use it as a stand-alone FrameReady computer, or use it as the central server that stores the FrameReady files when you have multiple computers (Windows and/or Mac) running FrameReady.

The Mac mini comes with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, AppleCare, and is perfect in performance, power, and speed to run FrameReady.


• *Configuration includes: Mac mini 8GB RAM, monitor, keyboard, and mouse plus AppleCare.

• Mix and Match! If used as a Server computer, you can also use Windows PCs to open FrameReady.

• Apple Mac mini requires separate EULA that includes a replacement every four years.

• The Mac mini can only be used with FrameReady.

• Claris FileMaker Pro can only be used with FrameReady.

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"FrameReady, Set, Go!" is a monthly subscription plan that makes great business sense.

No computer? No problem! We have an option that includes providing a new Mac Mini!