Remote Access

For using FrameReady on a computer not in the shop

There are several ways to access your FrameReady from a remote, off-site computer.

Before You Begin

  • You are responsible for setting up your remote access.

  • Out of the box, FrameReady is not set up for remote, off-site use.

  • However, there are different software solutions to help get around that.

  • Internet speeds will impact how well FrameReady performs when you connect remotely.

  • If your internet connection is not fast enough, then expect delays and pauses while using FrameReady.

The term "remote desktop" refers to software that allows your computer's desktop environment to be run remotely off of one computer, while being displayed on a separate computer.


Use a Remote Desktop Solution

  • If you use remote desktop software, then you can "dial into" your FrameReady computer.

  • This is similar to how FrameReady Support connects to your computer and can see the screen and control the mouse.

  • Remote Desktop software is installed on two computers:

    • on one of your Guest/client computers that already runs FrameReady, and

    • on the remote, off-site computer.

  • The remote computer, when connected to the Guest computer using the remote desktop software, can see its screen and control its mouse/keyboard, meaning you can open FrameReady as you normally do. You do not need to install FileMaker on the remote computer.

  • There are a variety of software applications available that can provide remote desktop connections.

  • While under remote control, the Guest computer may not be accessible to staff on-site.

  • You can use the mouse and keyboard to control the remote FrameReady computer, as well as print to a local printer if one is connected.


Remote Access to FrameReady using FileMaker Server

Note: This option may not be as fast or as responsive as a remote desktop connection.

If you have multiple computers running FrameReady, then you are using FileMaker Server as the central hub.

If you are using FileMaker Server, then you could purchase a static IP address for your internet connection and make the server available across the internet.

Because a static IP address does not change, it can reliably be used to make a network connection to FrameReady when you are off-site.

  • Additional network and router setup is required to make sure the static IP address is properly routed to the "Host" computer (this connects the static IP address in the outside world with the internal IP address of your host/server computer).

  • Requires port 5003, in your router, be setup to connect the Static IP address to the Server's internal IP address.

  • You will need to install FileMaker on the remote computer.

  • You would open FileMaker on the remote computer, then open a connection to your host (server) computer by using the static IP address.

  • Note: FrameReady Support is able to provide one (1) hour of limited multi-site networking assistance at no charge; anything beyond this time is charged at our hourly rate.

See: Online Help: Remote Access



Not Recommended

Using a Copy of FrameReady

  • While you could copy the FrameReady folder to another computer (which is then opened with FileMaker Pro), we do not consider this a "best practice" as there is a genuine risk of losing or overwriting data when moving the modified data files back to the original computer. You may need to hand-enter new data after you return to the shop.