Working Smarter with FrameReady

I don’t want to have to type in city and state repetitively when so many of my customers come from the same area.

Just type in the zip/postal code and the city and state/prov fields will auto-enter clairvoyantly!

Can I process more than one work order at a time?

Yes. If you are in the middle of taking an order and get interrupted or need to process another order or invoice, simply move to the necessary screen using the navigational buttons at the top. You don’t need to click ‘saved’. All information is saved automatically. Come back to the original screen you were working on when you are ready.

Can I duplicate an order?

Yes. Many times one customer might like the way you framed something for another customer or they ask for an order to be repeated, even years later.

A good example of this in when grandparents are framing photos of their grandchildren in identical frames. So as each new grandkiddie comes along, in they come to your frame shop looking for the same moulding.

This is easily accomplished by duplicating an existing work order and updating it to current pricing.

When would I use the Lock Price button on the work order screen?

The padlock icon, literally, locks in the price of the work order at a fixed price whether calculated or manually entered. It might be used on those occasions when you have negotiated a price with a customer (e.g. framer’s choice of moulding and mat).

Another example, is when you need to make a minor adjustment to the size of the frame but do not want the price to be affected (e.g. when stretching needlework). Click the padlock icon before making the adjustments to the measurements. The customer will be charged the quoted price, not the adjusted price for minor sizing changes.

How and when to post an invoice

If a customer has four pieces to be framed on the same day, you would use the Post to Invoice side bar button after the fourth work order has been filled out. FrameReady automatically finds those four work orders (except for those that are marked as Estimate or Hold) and posts them to a single invoice.

You will be given the option of omitting any of the work orders on this invoice. This is useful if the customer only wished to pay for one of the orders today and you do not wish to create a receivable for the others just yet. If another work order is created after the invoice has been posted, it can be manually entered onto the invoice by using the Search Item magnifying glass on the next available line item.

When work orders have been posted to an invoice, the Post To Invoice sidebar button will read Posted. This is a visual reference indicating that an invoice currently exists for this work order. Hover your mouse over this button and it will indicate the Invoice # and Date/Time it was posted. If you click on Posted, it will ask you if you want to re-post the same work order. This is handy if you make changes which you wish reflected on the invoice.

What if a customer doesn’t want to leave their name or information but the program requires a name for Estimates?

It is a good idea to get the name, or at a least phone number, to follow up with the potential sale.

However, if the customer is still reluctant, create a record in your Contact file called, “Walk-in” or “Not Known”, something which can be entered in the field and tracked. You may accumulate several of these which can be erased after an appropriate amount of time has lasped.

All of these estimates will appear on one customer record in your Contacts file. It will make it easy to find them later.

Can I use a barcode reader with FrameReady?

Yes. Any barcode reader may be used with FrameReady.

Quickly and accurately read the barcodes from the backs of your corner samples directly into the work order.

FrameReady comes with the barcoding software already installed. Barcodes are generated within the program to locate and track orders in production.

You may also create your own retail bar code labels. See more information here!

What is the purpose of having barcodes on Art ID Tags?

The barcode on the Art ID tag can be handy for calling up a work order either during production or after completion. Before a piece goes out the door, scan the Art ID Tag and locate the work order, mark it as Picked Up in the location field and find the customer’s invoice using Find Invoice side bar button. You will notice right away if the work order has been posted.

The artwork is to be mounted on a matboard and floated with hinges. Another mat will surround the artwork. How do I enter this mounting treatment on the work order?

See Float Mount