Where to Save Files to be Used by FrameReady?

Is your Desktop feeling cluttered? Are you having difficulty keeping track of where you can find the different PDFs and images you have created for your frame orders and invoices? Perhaps it’s time to be a bit more organized.

Just like you would keep track of physical documents in folders in a filing cabinet, you can create simple systems in your computer to organize your important documents. The options for creating systems are endless, but let us recommend one that we believe to be the most simplistic.

By default if you have upgraded to FrameReady 12, you may have realized that FrameReady has created a folder on your computer called FrameReady Documents. This folder was created to store PDF files for your invoices, proposals, purchase orders, etc. If you are creating a PDF copy of a document to email to a contact, FrameReady will store it in this folder for you.

This folder can also be used to store any photographs you’ve taken of artwork or finished pieces. You can create folders to store moulding sample images. If you collect PDF catalogues for your vendors, they can also go here.

Again, what you choose to store and how you do it is up to you, but taking some time to organize your computer will not only benefit you but any employee working with you. You’ll always know where to find your information and everyone else will, too.