Navigating in FrameReady – Basic Overview

To understand how FrameReady works, the user may think of a work order sheet, a list of price charts, an invoice form (or cash register) and an address book of customers.

Basic Components

Main Menu iconThe Main Menu
This is your homebase. This is a good place to park your program when you are not using it. No customer information appears on the screen and you can navigate from here to all important sections of the program.

Message Center IconTo Do List / Message Center
This file lets you leave notes for each other and monitor tasks for employees. You may also use it to record store policies for quick reference.

Price Codes IconPrice Codes
The Price Codes file stores pricing information for all materials used in the process of building a frame. The information stored here is used to calculate the retail price in the Work Order. Each component is categorized into a group displayed on the left. Pricing formulas and code tables can be accessed for viewing or printing.

Products IconProducts
The Products file tracks any item that does not require assembly. The file will automatically update inventory, transfer data to work orders and invoices, track sales dates, and turnaround time. Retail items/art which have been consigned to your shop may be tracked. Images of retail items can be imported for viewing and emailing. Text and image directories of art may be printed.

Labels IconLabels
The Product Labels file generates a variety of different size labels for any retail item, with or without barcodes. Labels can be printed in multiple and start at any location on a sheet.

Contacts IconContacts
The Contacts file stores information about anyone you contact, i.e., Customers, Suppliers, Artists, Companies, etc. Mailing lists can be generated for specific target markets based on Keywords you have identified. This file provides an overview of your customer’s purchases. 

Gift Card IconGift Certificate/Card
The Gift Certificates file offers three different styles to print in three languages. Redeemed gift certificates can be tracked and store credits issued. 

PO IconPurchase Orders
Purchase Orders can be created manually or automatically using the Create Frame Order button or Create Product Order button. The Purchase Orders file can identify items ordered from a specific supplier, and when received, can be transferred into inventory automatically.

Invoices IconInvoices
The Invoices file tracks all sales and payment transactions. It generates accounts receivable, statements, sales performance and deposit information. FrameReady Multi Site keeps all invoices in one central database but can generate individual reports for up to four stores.

 Work Orders IconWork Orders
The Work Orders file: creates, prices and tracks all custom frame jobs; prints Estimates and Proposals; monitors production flow.

Outbound Consignments IconOutbound Consignments
The Consignments file is used to track any product, such as prints, art, sculpture, etc., that is consigned to interior designers, other retail outlets and auctions. When items are sold or returned they can be posted to an invoice or returned to inventory. 

Time Cards IconTime Cards
The Time Cards file is used as an employee time clock to track payroll hours.

Art Resource Icon

Art Resource
This is a catalog to search your Products File based on Artist or Subject.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 1.37.22 PMSetup Data
This is your initial starting place when setting up your FrameReady program.


Navigating Between Screens

Navigating between these files is easily accomplished by clicking on the corresponding icon button.
These buttons are always located at the top menu bar. There is no ‘back’ button.
MM - iconsPrice Code Not Available


When moving from one file to another, it is not necessary to close, save or exit the file you are currently viewing.
Just click on the icon to which you want to go. When you are in a file, that icon will not appear in the navigational palette or menu bar.


Navigating Between Views

Each of the files has two views; a form and a list. You can toggle back and forth between views by clicking on the Form View or List View button at the top of each screen.

List View
Work Order List view
Form View
Work Order


Moving around the program – tab key vs mouse

You can use the tab key to move from box to box when entering information.
The tab key will move you to fields where information can by typed in.

Use the mouse to click on fields which have pop-up lists. Fields which show a grey shadow below them (giving the box a raised look) contain pop-up lists. Clicking on a down arrow (triangle) or on the grey box it points to, will reveal a drop-down list.


Navigating Between Records

These buttons (found in the middle of the top of any screen) are used to move from one record to another. The number of records in the file is always displayed. If you are in a found set of records it will display the # in the set.

Play Video See Our Video Tutorial – How to Navigate in FrameReady (4 min)


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