Naming Recommendations

With seasonal events being common, you may wish to prepare ahead of time with unique framing templates or package specials to help entice new orders.  FrameReady will help you create these with ease, but these will require unique names for each of them.

So the question you may need to ask is…

How do I name my packages?

There is no stone tablet of commandments for naming.  So it should go without saying that there is no wrong way to do this.  There are many questions you could ask yourself when deciding on and here are a few examples.

  1. How often will I be using this?
  2. Do I already use a unique prefix or suffix when creating readymade or other unique products?
  3. Are you creating a series of pricing options?
  4. What will my employees remember easiest?
  5. What kind of product am I trying to sell?

Let’s try out a few examples of how you could create a sample project.

If you regularly sell a sports jersey frame, you could create a Package Special

BJ – Boston Celtics Basketball Jersey shadow box frame

(Team Name/Sport Name)J(ersey) 

Do you have a print shop and sell framing with them?  Create a unique Poster Template including the printing and the framing.  Don’t forget to ensure that you indicate your sizing to help you and your employees choose the correct option first.

PS14x17 – Poster Special (14”x17”)
PS20x26 – Poster Special (20”x26”)


Is your Gallery Promoting a New Artist?  You can create a Template for a pre-designed look when a customer would like to frame an artist’s piece.

ASWOOD – Artist Special with Wooden Frame
ASMETAL – Artist Special using Metal Frame

A(rtist)S(pecial)(Moulding Material) 

Holiday packages might be a great way to market and also create fast sales.  If you’re going to use a new package each holiday/season let’s not forget to notate the year so you continue to use the most up to date package.

XMAS2021 – Christmas Holiday Special