Fix “Deposit Only” Invoices

If you are using the rarely used feature “Post A Deposit Only” in your FrameReady, then please note: we have made changes to the way this functions and you will need to do the following after upgrading to version 12.1v6

This is applicable to everyone who has upgraded to FrameReady 12.1v6 and who uses the Deposit Only invoice feature.

Find the Deposit Only Invoices

  1. On the Main Menu, click Find Invoice.
  2. In the “Line Items” section, enter “Deposit on WO” into the Description field (without the quotation marks).
  3. Click Perform Find.

The resulting list shows all the Deposit Only invoices in your FrameReady. The goal is to locate unused Deposit Only invoices so that we can properly mark them as available. If “No records match this request”, then there are no Deposit Only invoices in your program. You can skip the rest of this help article.

Review the Deposit Only Invoices

  1. In the list of results, scroll to the bottom; these Deposit Only invoices are the most likely to not have been used yet.
  2. Click the last entry to view the record in Form View.
  3. In the “Line Item” section, examine to see the Work Order number(s). The goal is to determine if the Work Order has already been posted to an invoice. If you examine the “Payments” section, you may see a payment line for with “Deposit” in the Reference field.
    (Alternatively, go to the Work Order file and perform a find for the Work Order number. Look to see if the “Post to Invoice” button reads “Posted” — if so,  then there is already an invoice; you can click the yellow “Previous” button (top, center) to see the next invoice up the list.)
  4. Click the purple Data Entry button.
  5. In the “Payments” section, if there is a number in the Reference field, then first copy it to the Notes field (to keep it). Click the Edit button (left of the deposit payment line item) to open the payment window.
  6. In the Reference Number field, enter “Deposit” (without the quotation marks).
  7. Click Done.
  8. Now FrameReady 12.1v6 can find the Deposit Only invoice and apply it when you post a Work Order to an invoice.

If the Work Order has already been posted to invoice but no Deposit is found or shown:

  1. Click the Enter A Payment button to open the payment window.
  2. Change the Amount field to match the deposit amount.
  3. In the Tender field, enter: “Deposit” (without the quotation marks).
  4. In Reference field, enter: “Invoice #[number]” (without the quotation marks). For example, Invoice #10034.
  5. Click the Done Go To Form View button.