Does the program track what particular interests a customer may have?


You may create keywords/preference check boxes for anything you wish to track; liked your facebook page, on MailChimp list, etc. It automatically tracks the name of any artist of whose work they purchase or have you frame for them. You may track which types of art they collect and which hobbies may pertain to your marketing plans. FrameReady allows you to define the categories that you wish to track.

Can I track customers birthdates?


And lots of other pertinent information, such as spouse’s name, pets, etc., which you will be able to use to set yourself apart from your competition. Click Contacts file > Group/Details tab.

Why do I have a record for my business in the Contacts file?

This record is called the Gallery Record. It serves a number of purposes. Do not delete it.

The ID# for your business is GALLERY. It is used whenever you frame something for gallery display and sale. This ID# prevents the work order from being posted to an invoice with you as the customer. When an item is sold, that was framed for the gallery, the customer’s name is transferred to the work order and it becomes part of their purchase history.

At any time you can look at your “Gallery” record in the Contacts file and see a listing of all the pieces you have hanging in your shop/ gallery for sale. Once they are sold, they are transferred to the customer’s purchase history.