Group Details – Contacts File Tab

The Group/Details tab, located at the middle bottom of the Contacts file, is used to store pertinent customer information. Track birthdays, anniversaries, children’s names, spouses, pets, hobbies or any other grouping you wish using the Group/Details section.  A drop-down Group  list provides easy selection of headings and allows you to track a variety of information. Select the Group (i.e. Spouse) and type the specifics in the Details field (i.e. Evelyn).
Group Details tab

From the drop-down list under Group, use Edit… to remove a heading or add a new one.  Other Group headings you may want to add are: Framing Preference, Price Range, or Services. Set yourself above your competition with your customer service by designing your marketing campaigns using this data.  Send birthday cards, anniversary congratulations, promote pet photos, etc.

You can quickly see this information from the Work Order file (by clicking on the Contacts button) to know what type of framing your customers prefer (or remember names of children or spouses) while you are working on the design. Click the Work Order button to return quickly to their framing order.

Both the Group and the Details fields are searchable using the Find button. Eg. Perform a Find for “Birthday” in the Group field and “May” in the Details field to find all birthdays during this month and send a card or an email greeting.


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