Artists – Contacts File Tab

The lavender coloured Artists tab is located at the bottom half of the Contacts file. Artists Tab Fields

Access: Contacts file > Form View > Artists tab

Record all the information on living or deceased artists whose work you carry in your gallery.

  1. Artist’s Date of Birth D.O.B..
  2. Artist’s Birthplace.
  3. Biography can be pasted from any word processing document. *
  4. New Artist button allows you to enter a new record. Adding an artist here adds it to the Work Order file value list also. This same button appears on the Artist field in the Work Order.
  5. Print Bio takes you to a screen where you may edit a word processing text. The purpose of this document is for galleries wanting to produce a write-up about a certain contact (artist) for a gallery show or reception.
  6. Image: a digital image may be stored here. It will print onto the Bio.
  7. Import Photo takes your to an open file dialog box for selection.
  8. Consignee agreement can be the terms and/or contract of consignment art.
  9. Shows & Memberships *
  10. Artist’s Statement *
  11. History *
  12. About *
    * Unlimited text field. These fields allow for more text than the size of the box.
    If you wish to record the artists which this contact prefers, may have purchased from you or have had framed Purchased Artwork box is where you do it.
  13. Correct the artist list or clean up the spelling by clicking Edit Artists List. Artists Tab
    Caution: Do not choose Records > Replace Field Contents to change the artists list, this will have adverse consequences.
  14. Names auto-fill here if you select an Artist in a work order for this customer and Post To Invoice. If you sell a piece of artwork from the Products file that has the artist listed, the information will auto-fill here.
  15. Click Print Reserved to preview the list of preferred L/E print numbers. Click Continue to print. The page will display the customer, selected artist and the number they collect. The button will find all customers with a Reserved # in their record and create the list sorted by Artist’s name.
  16. Record reserved edition numbers here.
  17. Delete button will empty the field.

You may also enter the names of Artists preferred by a customer when you are entering the contact for the first time from the New Contact Enter Information screen.

ENTERING ARTISTS: Choose an artist from the pull-down menu or type the artist’s name in the field and then click in the next field. Do not press the Enter or Return key. Enter one artist per field. Click in the next empty field to enter the next name.

Entering Reserved #: Sometimes customers wish to reserve certain Limited Edition numbers. To record these for each artist they collect, simply type in the number in this field.

FrameReady automatically keeps track of artists preferred by a customer whenever an invoice is posted. The Artist field can be used for special emailings and promotional opportunities. The actual records for artists names are kept in a separate file and related to the Contacts file via the ID#.


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