Purchase Order File – Overview

The Purchase Order gives you the option to view and edit your vendor shopping list before printing.  It creates a full circle to: select materials from work orders which have not yet been ordered, place the materials onto the purchase order of the company you buy them from, then, when the product is received, update the amount of inventory in the Price Codes file. Purchase Orders are only created for vendors identified in the Order From field in the Price Codes File. Set up Purchase Orders: http://frameready.com/know/setting-up-the-purchase-order-feature/

When using the automatic inventory system in the Price Codes file, the purchase order will display the Quantity On Hand. Materials and supplies can be set to be ordered from a specific vendor. The Footage or Quantity required for each item is determined from the information in the Work Order file.
The Purchase Order screen can be used to update the inventory in the Price Codes file when items are received.

Purchase Order File Relationships

Four FrameReady files work in conjunction with the Purchase Order file: Main Menu, Contacts, Work Orders and Price Codes. Each has a different relationship and purpose.

Main Menu Creates Purchase Orders

The purchase order can be created through Main MenuCreate Frame Order. By checking the box, Create Purchase Orders, FrameReady will create a Frame Order and optional Purchase Orders for all of the vendors identified in the Price Codes file. The list is based on all of the new work orders you have created since the last time you placed your order. The Main Menu keeps track of when the last order was placed and will only reference work orders created after that date. This same function can be accessed from the Purchase Order file by clicking on Auto-Create Frame Order button. A blank PO can be created in the Purchase Orders file at any time.

Contacts File Identifies Vendors

Vendors from whom you order must be entered in the Contacts file and have a value entered in the Account # field in order for them to appear in the Order From drop-down menu. It is also recommended that all vendors be identified in the Keywords as Supplier. This will help to easily eliminate them from other customer mailing lists or quickly find them when giving notification of address changes.

Work Orders File Provides List of Items

FrameReady locates all work orders (created after the last framing order was printed) which are marked as incomplete or have been re-selected for order by clicking on the Select for Frame Order side bar button. All materials entered on the work order are added to the Purchase Order. Items which are not required can be deleted from the Purchase Order.

Once a Purchase Order (or Frame Order) has been created, all incomplete work orders, for which the materials have been order, will be flagged as “ordered” so that they will not appear on the next purchase order. A work order can be added to the next purchase order by clicking Select for Frame Order on the left side of the Work Order screen.

Price Codes File Links Vendors and Products

Purchase Orders will only be created for vendors who have been selected by the Order From side bar button in the Price Codes file. All items from a vendor can be identified using this function.
Purchase Order File Relationships
If a vendor has been selected, their Company name and address will appear on the Price Codes screen.