Setting Up Purchase Orders

FrameReady can be set up to automatically create your order list for individual suppliers. It can also add or remove inventory from the PO. Before creating your first PO, you must complete the steps listed below. Even if you do not intend to use the formal PO, we recommend you setting this up.

  1. In the Price Codes file (form view) > Order From side bar button. (It is not necessary to be on the screen of the vendor you wish to modify.)
    This dialog box appears.
    PC - Supplier link
  2. From the Supplier drop-down list, select the Supplier / Manufacturer of the materials by clicking on the company name.
    E.g. If you order Bainbridge from Larson Juhl, you will need to select Bainbridge from the list on the left. Do not assume that all items from Bainbridge will be downloaded with the supplier Larson Juhl. 
  3. In the Order From field, select the vendor from which you order your materials by clicking on the arrow. If the vendor is not listed, add them by clicking New Vendor.
    a) If you have clicked on New Vendor, a new record will be created in the Contacts file for you and the following screen will appear.WO- New Customer
    b) As a minimum, enter the Company name and your account number with the supplier. If you have not been assigned an account number, enter None. If you don’t know the account number, enter Pending and fill it in later. In order for vendors to link to the Price Codes file, an entry must appear in the Account # field. The Account # will appear on the PO.c) Identify your vendors in Keywords as a supplier or vendor, so check the box for Supplier under the Customer Preferences (Keywords) and unmark the General checkbox.

    d) Click Done.
    The screen will return to the Supplier Link to Contacts File screen.


  4. Select the Company from whom you will order the product by clicking on the blue square with the triangle to display the list of Companies or Distributors.
  5. Click Apply.

FrameReady will find all materials created by the supplier you have selected and will identify the vendor from whom you wish to order them. Your screen will return to the form view in the Price Codes file when completed.

To learn how you can prompt FrameReady to automatically create your Frame Order list and Purchase Orders, read “How Do I create a Purchase Order“.


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