Work Orders in FrameReady – QUICK REFERENCE

How to Write a up Work Order

Work Order Quick Reference printer friendly PDF

  1. On the Main Menu, in the Work Order section, click the New Work Order button.
  2. If prompted, select the orientation of the art. For square, select ‘None.’
  3. Measure the piece of art and enter the Width and Height of the art.
  4. Enter all four Mat Margins by clicking on the grey box. Click in the field to change individual amounts. If necessary, enter the White Space for a limited edition print. This is the amount of paper to appear around the limited edition print (or space around a double-matted float mount for example).
  5. Enter the moulding number in the Frame1 field, e.g. 514200.LJ. Press the Enter or Tab key.
  6. Enter the matboard number in first Mats field, e.g. B8520.
    Enter mats in order, top to bottom. If entering more than one mat, select the reveal from the grey box to the right of the description. If more than 3 mats are needed, click on Mats to enter up to 7 matboards. If placing a fillet in the mat, click in the Fillet field and in the detail screen, enter the fillet number in the correct mat.
  7. Select from the pop-up lists for Mat Design, Mount/Stretch, Hardware, Extra, Fitting, Glazing/Fabric or Other. To select more than one item for a group, click on the underlined group name (Eg. Fitting)
  8. To enter any notes for the production team, click on the Notes tab in the lower right area (near measurements).
  9. Click Artwork and select type of art from the list.
  10. Type in title of art or Description in field to right of Artwork button.
    Note: if you are pulling art from inventory, then click the magnifying glass and enter the product number, title or description of the art, or the artist’s name to locate the piece and enter it onto the work order for framing.
  11. Select the Condition of the art from the list.
  12. Enter the Location where the artwork will be stored for the framer.
  13. Enter other artwork information if necessary: Artist, Limited Edition Number (L.E. #), Value of Art.
  14. Enter a customer by clicking the Name, Company or Phone button.
    FrameReady will search for the customer to see if they have already been entered. If they have not been entered, then you will be asked to create a new record for them.
  15. Enter your name in the Order Taken By field in the Order tab (upper middle).
  16. Verify the Due Date in the Order tab (upper middle).
  17. Verify the Priority field in the Order tab (upper middle).
  18. If they have more than one order, click Another Order for this Customer button (top right.)
  19. Click Print This Customer’s Work Orders side bar button (left side) to print all of their orders.

How to Create an Estimate

Enter the work order as you normally would and click the grey Estimate button in the Order tab.

Changing an Estimate to an Order

Click the green Activate button in the Order tab.

Locking the Price on an Order

Click the padlock icon in the top right corner of the Price tab. You can change the unit price to any amount, e.g. 100 (no dollar/pound sign necessary), or simply click OK to lock in the current amount. Any items added or removed will not change the price once it is locked. Lock & unlock the price as often as needed.

Unlocking a Price

Click the locked padlock in top right corner and the price will automatically recalculate to the correct sum of the components.

Relocking a Price

Click the padlock icon. A dialog box appears where you can enter either a New price or the price that was originally Saved, or a new arbitrary price.

Leave the Work Order screen

You can leave the work order screen at any time, however, you must enter your name in the Order Taken By field if you have not defaulted a name entry.

You may be asked questions if you have unfinished information, eg. mat margins but no mats. Just confirm you want to leave without making the entry.

Fit to a Readymade Frame

  1. Enter width and height dimensions.
  2. Click the Fit in Readymade sidebar button (left side.)
  3. Enter inside frame size.
  4. Click Center Window or Make Top & Sides Same button.
  5. Click Done.

Frame Mirror to Outside Dimensions

  1. Enter Frame1 (do not enter width and height)
  2. Click the Fit to Outside Dimension sidebar button.
  3. Enter overall size of frame.
  4. Click OK.
    If you enter a different moulding, then click the Fit to Outside Dimensions button again to refit the frame to the same dimensions.
    Hold down the Shift key when clicking the button if you want to change the overall size.

Stacking Frames

  1. Click the stacked frames icon (to the left of Mats.) This takes you to go to the Layered Frames detail screen where you can enter up to 5 stacked frames. Frame1 is closest to the art.
  2. Click the field beside the magnifying glass to enter the frame number.
  3. Click the Insert button to move a frame outward in the design and enter a fillet, liner or additional frame.
  4. Click Done to return to the Work Order.

Entering a Stretcher or Strainer

  1. Enter the stretcher moulding number into the Frame1 field of the Layered Frames screen.
  2. Click the Modify button and change the group from “Wood” to “Extender”.
    The group “Extender” will build the frame downward while “wood”, “liner”, “fillet”, etc. will build it outward.
  3. Enter the rest of the frames into the Frame2 to Frame5 fields (as needed for your design).
  4. Click Done to return to the Work Order.

Enter a one time Discount

  1. Click on the Options tab (top right corner).
  2. Click in either the $ field or the % field to enter a discount.
  3. Enter the discount to be given. Percentage discounts must be entered as a decimal. Dollar discounts will not appear as “Savings” on the Detailed Summary or the Invoice.

Tax Exemptions & Discounts

Tax exemptions are entered in the Contacts file on the customer’s record under the Terms tab.
If you enter the customer on the work order before entering their exemption in the Contacts file, then you will need to clear their name from the order and enter it again to show the new information you have just added. Changes are not retro-active. This same rule applies to customers who always receive the same discount. Enter it under the Terms tab.

Work Order Quick Reference printer friendly PDF