Doing Business Better

Average Ticket

The Work Order Sales by Category Report provides key information on trends in your business. If the highest number is framed oil paintings, then look at your corner samples of liners. If the average ticket is below a certain dollar amount then your pricing needs to be adjusted. If the total number of pieces is down, marketing should be reviewed. Each type of artwork framed shows an Average Price per UI, letting you know where you should focus your efforts.

Selling Up

There are a number of ways to increase the amount of a potential sale:

  1. Set your program defaults on Work Order file to the best options and, if you have to, work your way down. ( Main Menu > Work Order > Options tab)
    For example, set a mat margin default to 4 inches or default to museum glass.
  2. In the Mat detail screen on the work order, click the Adjust Margins of Top Mat button, near the bottom, to increase the size of the top mat of a multiple mat frame job.
    This will also increase the overall frame size thus increasing profitability.

Can FrameReady tell me which of my employees are my top sellers?

Yes. If you provide a commission to your employees based on their sales or invoice totals FrameReady will track it.

Which day of the week generates the most income for my shop?

Have you ever wondered which day of the week generates the most income for you? During a month? During the Year?

You can enter the following into the date field on any search screen:

  1. Enter the first 3 letters of the day of the week to find all invoices, work orders or sales (reports) on those days. Eg. Thu
  2. Enter the year and day of the week (3 letters) to narrow it to one year. Be sure to enter a space between them. Eg. 2008 Mon
  3. Enter a month, year and day of the week (3 letters) to narrow it down even more. E. 05/2008 Tue

This can be done in any Find screen as well as in the Sales Reports section. Do the following:

To give you a breakdown by category, go to the Main Menu > Sales Reports > Other.


To give you a breakdown of how many pieces were brought in on those days and the dollar value, go to the Main Menu Sales Reports > Work Orders Completed or Created.

There is no end to the information you have available to you with these three little letters.

How can I tell how profitable I am with certain suppliers?

Use the Moulding Usage by Supplier Report which shows wholesale cost and retail prices of the mouldings used during a defined time period.

This generates a report of moulding
– in the Work Order file
– sorted by Supplier listed in the Price Codes file
– used in a found set
– based on a date range

You may choose to have each moulding manufacturer print on separate pages. Near the top of the report a note will display the waste factor being used in the calculation. This is based on the entry you made in the Main Menu > Work Order > Options tab in the  Waste factor when calculating cost field.

How can I tell what are my best selling moulding and matboards?

The Moulding and Matboard Usage Report can be printed for any date range.

It gives the total footage or quantity sold, as well as listing the items actually sold in order of volume.

Tracking Discontinued Moulding and Matboard Corner Samples

FrameReady allows for the tracking of which frame and matboard samples you are displaying.

When new samples arrive mark the Matboard Sample or Moulding Sample check box in the upper right corner of the Price Codes file.

At any time, you can Perform a Find for samples from any particular supplier.

This makes it easy when it comes time to find discontinued samples. You can print out a list and then go find them on your wall and remove them.

This is a terrific time saver. No use selling a frame to someone if it’s not available.