Moulding Usage by Supplier Report

Moulding Usage by Supplier Report generates a report of moulding entered on work orders, sorted by Supplier (as listed in the Price Codes file) for a found set of records based on a date range.

Moulding Usage Report

Moulding Usage Report

The report provides: the moulding number, Quantity of frames made, Footage, Wholesale Cost*, Retail price and Profit. You may choose to have each moulding manufacturer print on separate pages. Near the top of the report, a note will display the waste factor being used in the calculation.

*Cost will include Waste Factor. (This is based on the entry you made in the Main Menu > Work Order Options set up in the  Waste factor when calculating cost field.)

How to create:

  1. Navigate to the Work Order file and click the Find button or, from the Main Menu, click Find Work Order.
  2. In the Date field, enter a date range for your report. (Eg. 1/1/15…) and click Perform Find.
  3. Click the Form View button at the top centre of the screen.
  4. Click on Print Documents side bar button.
  5. Choose Pause on Preview if desired This allows for a PDF document to be created.
  6. Click on grey Moulding Usage by Supplier button near the bottom.
    You will be prompted with a dialog box whether or not you want page breaks, which creates a new page for each supplier.
  7. Choose With or Without page breaks.
  8. The report will be displayed.
  9. Click Continue, near the top. Or Save as PDF.
    If you set it up to display the Print dialog box, then click OK.


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