Rapid Entry Screen for Retail Products – Invoice File

FrameReady allows for a rapid entry mode in the Invoice Data Entry screen. Rapid Entries is a quick way to enter multiple retail items.

This feature is particularly useful with bar code scanners. The screen changes and an item number entry box is selected. Scan the barcode or enter the product # manually and press Enter or Return on your keyboard. If you press the tab key the cursor will tab through the fields and not perform a lookup in the Product file. You would do this if the item was not in the Product file.

The item is entered with a Qty of 1. Continue to enter or scan all items.

Access: Invoice file > New Invoice > Rapid Entries button

IN Data entry

Done: will exit this screen and return to invoice Line Item Entry screen.

Click Enter A Payment to receive money.

Discount: presents a dialog box to select a discount to be applied to all retail items on the current invoice. When finding line items to subtotal, the program automatically omits line items that already have a discount, or the category is a work order or the category is a gift certificate. Click on one of the preset buttons or enter the discount value in the Discount field and click Proceed. It is recommended that you enter all items to be discounted, apply the discount, and then enter non-discounted items. Or you can enter items that have a different discount and then apply a discount to those items.

Start Over: removes all line items on the invoice and lets you begin again. Use with caution.

Sales Rep is a mandatory field. A name must be entered before leaving the screen. A default can be set up in Main Menu > Invoice section > Options tab.

Item Number may be entered with a bar code scanner or typed in. Items in the Products file which have a UPC Number will only display the UPC# and not the Item Number. If you type in the Item Number manually and press Enter then the same information will be looked up.

Accept: Clicking on a line item will populate the fields in the upper portion of the screen. Now you are able to edit any of the fields, for example, QTY, and save the changes by clicking Accept.

Delete: Clicking on a line item will populate the fields in the upper portion of the screen. Clicking Delete will remove the line.

Clear: blanks out all fields in the upper portion of the screen.

Rapid Entry as Default

To display this mode as a default you must:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Invoices > Options tab > General tab.
  2. Click Yes to Default to Rapid Entry Screen.
  3. Click Done.

IN options

To access this mode on the fly while in an invoice click Rapid Entries in the Invoice Data Entry Screen.

IN Rapid Entry button