Other Tab – All Groups – Price Codes File

The Other tab in the Price Codes file (Moulding, Matboard, Fabric, MatDesign, Mounting, Hardware, Glass, Extras, Fitting groups only) is where you can set up different parameters for use on the Work Order Other field detail screen.

If you wish to offer certain better customers a different tier pricing instead of a discount this is where you set it up.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 1.57.29 PM

Other tab

Unit of Measure: (UOM) which could be Code, Each, Box, Pkg, Inch, Foot, Yard, Centimetre, Metre, Square Inch, Square Foot, Square Yard, Square Centimetre, Square Metre, Linear Inch, Linear Foot, Linear Yard, Linear Centimetre, Linear Metre, Cubic inch, Cubic Foot, Cubic Yard, UI, United Centimetre,

Price List/ UOM: Price you have set up.

Set Price: optional dollar amount added to the calculated price. It is a one time dollar value that is applied to each piece sold.

Code: you may choose to price by code. It references the Code Tables below.

Note: is a note field where you can classify different price structures

X: clears the field.

Code Tables: takes you to the code tables where you could set up a new code table if necessary.

Go to Table Format: displays the records in a full screen view.

See this article for how this works with the Other Detail Screen in the Work Order.