FrameReady Products and Services

You are creating a partnership with people who care about the way you do business. We are committed to keeping you profitable, efficient, organized and successful.

FrameReady Lite 10.2

Chose this version if you have a gallery framing department or you are a photographer, artist, photo lab, portrait studio, designer, home-based framer. » FrameReady Lite features


  • 1 licensed copy FrameReady Lite software
  • 1 licensed copy FileMaker Pro ® software
  • Free Online Knowledgebase
  • First Year Software Maintenance Plan
  • First Year Subscription to vendor price updates
  • Technical support via our toll free line

$599 USD

FrameReady 10.2

Our premier product; it provides a comprehensive system for your full-service frame shop. » FrameReady features


  • 1 licensed copy FrameReady software
  • 1 licensed copy FileMaker Pro ® software
  • Free Online Knowledgebase
  • First Year Software Maintenance Plan
  • First Year Subscription to vendor price updates
  • Technical support via our toll free line
  • Multi Site add-on* Available

$1,400 USD


We aim to make sure that our customers are satisfied with FrameReady. For this reason, we offer a 90-day free trial so you can decide if the program is suitable for your needs. Adatasol, Inc. does not accept product returns; instead we encourage you to take advantage of our try-before-you-buy policy and use the 90-day free trial period before purchasing.


After Your Purchase

You can expect a call from us with a few questions to help us tailor-fit your program so there is less set up for you and you can start using it sooner.

To help us build your program, we will need to know: who the vendors are you want installed for moulding, matboard and fabric, your business name and address, tax rate, your platform of either Windows or Macintosh, the number of computers you will be using, etc.

A Year After Your Purchase

Optional: Annual Subscription

You can purchase one year, six month or individual month. Gives you vendor updates and tech support.

Optional: Software Maintenance

Renewable yearly, don't let this lapse! Gives you updates to FrameReady and FileMaker Pro.

Technical Services

Technical Support

Without an active subscription, per minute fee - $2 CDN

Plus GST & HST, where applicable.

Database Install/Convert

Installation of existing customer database/ mailing list conversion - $100 CDN (Minimum charge based on condition of database, subject to approval of STS technician).

Plus GST & HST, where applicable.

One-on-One Pricing Consulting

How are your prices set up? Not sure?

Are you taking advantage of the pricing features available in FrameReady? Are you getting the profit you want?

Consultations are Available in these Time Blocks

One Hour Block

$100 Regular Price

$75 USD*

Two Hour Block

$200 Regular Price

$125 USD*

Four Hour Block

$400 Regular Price

$300 USD*

*Limited time introductory offer

> More information

Carol Graham

Director of Customer Relations & Training

Carol Graham is an accredited trainer who has been educating framing professionals for the past 18 years on how to manage their businesses with FrameReady.

FrameReady Upgrades

Upgrade to the latest version of FrameReady and FileMaker Pro. Two options are available:

Conventional One-time Upgrade

Available to FrameReady 7, 8 & 9 users

You can upgrade to the latest version precisely when you are ready.

Pay a single price for a single upgrade.

Available starting at $599 USD

To upgrade from versions older than FrameReady 7, 8 & 9, please call for pricing.

Pre-Paid, Ongoing Upgrades

Also known as 'Annual Software Maintenance.'

You can upgrade at any time to the latest version of FrameReady; just gives us a call.

Pay an annual fee for 'anytime upgrades'.

You can keep current on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Available starting at $95 USD/year/computer, it the least expensive way to keep current.

Renewable annually, 1 year after the date of your original FrameReady purchase and is only valid for your original purchased version.


Upgrades may require hardware and OS upgrades in order to meet evolving system requirements. The above prices do not include the cost of migrating any customizations (if applicable).

Annual Services


Per Year - $275 USD


Annual Software Maintenance

Per Year, Per Computer - $95 USD

Provides you with any FileMaker ® & FrameReady version upgrades for one year from date of the plan's purchase.

Annual Software Maintenance for One FileMaker Server

Per Year - $225 USD

Provides you with any FileMaker ® Server version upgrades for one year from date of the plan's purchase.

While we try to make sure that all length, chop and join costs posted are accurate at all times, we cannot be responsible for typographical and other errors that may appear.

Why might you need Technical Support?

We all know what it’s like working with IT products, some days everything is fine and the next, something strange happens and you don’t even know what the problem is!

Benefits of being a subscriber

  1. You are entitled to phone, fax or e-mail the Help desk as many times as you like for assistance between 9am – 6pm Eastern Monday to Friday.
  2. If released, you will receive several minor software revisions throughout the year.
  3. You will receive notification of any upgrades. If you subscribe to the Annual Software Maintenance Plan, you will receive these upgrades automatically.
  1. You will have access to: update the wholesale costs on moulding, matboard, and fabric items; add new items; and, alert you to possible discontinued items. You can add new vendors at any time.
  2. You will receive access to our online Knowledgebase.


Networking FrameReady on additional computers

Per Computer - $299 USD

FileMaker Server ® Software

Each - $999 USD

Multi Site

$1,100 US for each additional site installation of FrameReady

$299 US for each additional network station

Purchase with Confidence

Purchase online using PayPal or call us toll free at 1-888-281-3303 - 9AM - 6PM Eastern Monday to Friday

Our International Phone Number: 0011 + 1 + 519-882-3089

When you call, we will ask you certain questions in order to set up your program. Talking with you allows us to better assess your needs and make sure that you get the products you require to do business better.

For example, you will be asked for your preferred list of moulding and matboard vendors so that we can preload them into your FrameReady. You will also need to provide us with a preferred password in order for us to set up your subscriber website access. How many computers will you be networking?

For Amex purchases please call to place your order.

Every business is different and we want to tailor our services to your needs. When purchasing software from us, you are creating a partnership with people who care about the way you do business.

This long-term partnership is personal and reflects our company's passion to help you become more efficient, profitable, accurate and organized. This phone call is just the start of many years of helping you to do business better.

We provide complimentary over-the-phone training for you and your employees for the first three months.

Our Knowledgebase gives you access to videos for owner level education as well as for employee training.

Our vendor pricing update service (included in the Annual Subscription) provides weekly price updates for leading vendors and distributors.