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Job Posting: FrameReady Support Ally

Q1 2024

FrameReady is looking to expand our staff as our client base continues to grow and we welcome more framers to our FrameReady family.

This is a part-time position with the option to become full-time.

Position Description

You will be working with FrameReady users, teaching them how to use FrameReady and solving technical problems, either on the phone or written communications. You will work with other staff members on various tasks and need to attend virtual meetings.

Qualifications Needed

We are looking for a person who has:

  1. Experience with framing and FrameReady specifically
  2. Good communications skills (writing, speaking and listening)
  3. Strong people skills
  4. Computer knowledge on Windows or Mac with a basic understanding of networking
  5. Good problem solving skills

This is a work from home position. Of course, we want a team player who can multi-task and has good time management skills.

Please send a resume to:

Our Values

At our Core, we strive to be a team of people-oriented developers and staff. This means:

Be Humble, but Exude Confidence

• We interact respectfully and without ego, while still having the courage to have difficult conversations about the decision we know are correct.

Be a Hero

• We go above and beyond to assist clients and team members.

Relationships Matter

• We are exceptionally team-oriented and make every effort to build positive relationships and connections amongst ourselves and our clients.

Constantly Be Improving

• We push ourselves to be constantly improving and help nurture each other to further our skills, abilities, and ourselves.

Time Is Precious

• Time is the most important investment we have. We value our time, the time of our clients, our work time, and our family time, respectively.

Have Fun and Have A Positive Attitude

• We have solution mindsets. We are doers and a solvers. We inject fun and humor into our daily lives.

Office Location

The FrameReady Team:
1800 Novell Pl
Provo, UT 84606


Toll Free: 1-888-281-3303

International: 0011 + 1 + 519-882-3089

Support staff available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5:30pm ET excluding holidays.