Meet the FrameReady team at Adatasol, Inc.

This is us - aren't we an awesome bunch?


Photo: Candice


Senior Frameready Support Ally

Candice worked as a Frame Shop Manager for a big box chain for over 3 years. She loved working with clients to come up with amazing designs and the challenge of finding the best way to display unique and beautiful artwork and collectibles.

Candice’s has been with FrameReady for the last two years and is hoping to for another 10+. Candice loves Adatasol because her coworkers make everything fun. The team is a fun and close knit group that support one another.

Candice will be the one you can reach out to keep your software up to date and running smoothly. She’ll help with performing updates for you and investigating issues to find the source of any potential issues.

Candice lives outside of Atlanta, GA with her wife and our big collection of animals. They have four dogs, three cats, 13 ferrets, and a bearded dragon. Her wife is also working with a ferret rescue taking in and helping to adopt out ferrets. So they have a rotating collection of little ferrets that hang out with our business (family) of ferrets.

Photo: Jamie


FrameReady Support Ally

Jamie has a long history with picture framing and has spent many years providing technical support to small art and framing business. Much of that work was dedicated to making networked FrameReady installations run smoothly and reliably. Jamie's goal in this position is to become a valuable part of the team, providing friendly, timely, and useful information to help our customers get back to the business of doing business.

Jamie has a BA from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. He spent approximately 10 years in Austin working as a freelance lighting designer for theatre and dance, and served as technical director of the Mary Moody Northern Theatre at St. Ed’s from 1992 to 1994.

In 1954, his grandparents founded A&L Picture Framing in Pasadena, Texas. A few years later, Jamie's parents purchased the business and later opened Allart Picture Framing in Houston in the early 1970s, so he grew up in the framing business. Jamie also has a range of art-related experience, including painting and printmaking, conservation and restoration, and a comprehensive knowledge of digital imaging. Since 2000 he has worked with many framers and galleries, in the Houston area, providing photo and document restoration, reproduction, and scanning services.

In his free time, Jamie enjoys restoring and listening to vintage audio equipment, collecting contemporary Japanese tea bowls, and studying art and music history.

Jamie enjoys a wide network of artist friends and colleagues, and feels compelled to support independent artists and musicians however he can, whether it be buying physical merchandise and attending shows and exhibitions, purchasing artworks, or simply by promoting amongst my friends and colleagues.

Photo: Chrissy


Sales Ambassador

Although somewhat shy, meeting people is now something Chrissy has a passion for. She is fortunate that FrameReady clients are such amazing and talented people!

Chrissy loves to talk with FrameReady clients whether it be to help them through any issues they may have or getting them the products, they need to ensure their business runs as smooth and efficient as possible. Chrissy brings a positive vibe into the office every day.

Chrissy is a family gal with a husband, two daughters and about ten exchange student daughters from all over the world! We are newly into the horse farm world with five horses (and one mini), two dogs, two goats, twelve chickens and four rabbits!

Outside of work, Chrissy is an Assistant Director for a film company local to Petrolia Ontario called Electric Motion Pictures, who produce Canadian historical films. She loves to volunteer her time with the Petrolia Community Theatre. She is also on the board for Petrolia’s Art in the Park, a highly recognized and well-loved event.

Photo: Sheila


Frameready Professor

After college in the early '90s Sheila started managing her family's arts/crafts/framing shop. In order to be an effective manager, she decided she needed to learn more about framing: she went to Framing School and it was "love at first chop." She found her calling and has loved framing ever since. She ended up owning her own frame shop for several years.

Sheila used FrameReady in her shop and loved it so much she joined the company. She started in September of 2021.

FrameReady empowers small business owners to take charge of their production, inventory, ordering and finances. She gets to work with fantastic customers and the FrameReady team daily, she feels so blessed to work in a field that she loves.

Sheila has worked with a lot of companies over the years where the mission statement and values were usually forgotten and overlooked. Adatasol has amazing values: integrity, going the extra mile for clients, self-improvement, growth and having fun. Those values are reinforced daily. Sheila also gets to work with amazingly talented people at Adatasol. It's nice to have a career where she likes going to work every day! Sheila loves those "aha" moments when she can show clients how FrameReady solves a headache. She was recently working with a client who was struggling; just opening their frame shop, working as a single parent. The client was about ready to quit and close up. Sheila was able to listen and empathize because she has been there. She remembers when she first opened her shop, she spent many hours crying in her office with the door closed because she wasn't sure if she’d be able to make payroll or pay her mortgage. They cried together. Sheila was able to give her some tips that helped her not only with FrameReady, but she put her in touch with PPFA and other framers groups who can mentor her and help her grow and learn. In a short time, using FrameReady, she was able to get her business sorted out, and now she is a BOSS. It was rewarding to see her gain confidence and get her business back on track. Everyone on our team is committed to going the extra mile to help. Our clients, aren't just our clients, they're friends.

Now that Sheila's children are grown, she’s become a snowbird, splitting her time between warm Nevada winters and beautiful Alaskan summers. In the winter you’ll find Sheila hiking in the desert hills surrounding Las Vegas. In the summer she will be on an Alaska riverbank with a fishing pole in her hand and grandkids by her side.

Photo: Tanith


Frameready Payment Specialist

With dual bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and Art Management and over 12 years of picture framing experience, I am thrilled to be joining the FrameReady Support team and that I get to continue supporting the art and picture framing industries through our product. As a framer who specialized in sales and design, I have always cared greatly about providing exceptional customer service and delivering a quality product, and I will strive to achieve these same high standards with FrameReady’s clients as I endeavor to learn all the various elements of our software.

As for my new team members, I have only been with FrameReady for a short time, but I can already say that I have never worked with a more dedicated or compassionate group of people. They have made me feel right at home here, and I hope to be part of the FrameReady family for many years to come!

When I am not working, I can often be found curled up with a novel and my cats. I also have a penchant for puzzles and games, from cryptograms to Carcassonne.

Photo: Pedro


Senior Code Architect

Photo: David


Frameready Code Architect

I don’t have any experience in the Framing industry directly but with the development that I have done for the FrameReady software, I have slowly come to learn the ins and outs of the Framing industry. I feel like I have a good understanding of the different types of Framing shops and their specific business models. Its helpful to me as a developer to know what makes them “tick.”

I originally started as a developer for Adatasol working with some of their other software. There was an opening on the FrameReady team for a customizations and integrations developer and I was brought in. Since then I have immersed myself in FrameReady development and have a strong sense for the back end of all the modules in the software. I also help out on the support side as well as helping with Server Installs, Upgrades and White Glove Services.

I love that FrameReady is so versatile and scalable for clients. It works just as well for a small Mom and Pop FrameShop as it does for a major retailer or bigger FrameShop. Also, being the customizations developer for the software, I love how customizable the software and its platform Filemaker is. There is an endless amount of tools and resources at mine and the clients fingertips for us to customize the software to fit any Frameshop’s business model.

Adatasol is one of those rare companies that cares just as much about its employees as it does its customers. You don’t feel like just another number working for Adatasol. The team is always caring, responsive and quick to communicate with each other to solve issues. We support one another and we always have each other’s backs!

Getting to develop custom components for different FrameReady business types is always fulfilling because I get to help each business achieve their goals and become more streamlined in their workflows. Recently, I was able to help a customer by creating a custom pricing formula with tiers in their Contacts module within FrameReady. This custom component allowed that FrameReady user to be able to set custom prices for products on a customer level. It also allowed them to base their pricing on pricing tiers which was very helpful to their business model when creating invoices.

I’ve been living in Cincinnati OH, my entire life. I have had opportunities to move to several other parts of the United States but something always seems to keep me here in the Queen City. I have a small family of my wife, 11 year old son and 2 beagle dogs. I keep busy outside of work performing with my professional band that plays live music here in Cincinnati and all along the east coast.

Photo: Carl Jagt


Marketing & Technical Administrator

While Carl has no direct experience in the framing industry, he thinks the people he has met because of FrameReady are amazing and some of the friendliest and most interesting people he’s ever met (Carl joined the FrameReady team in 2015).

Carl loves that FrameReady is built with such an interesting tool as FileMaker, which in itself is a flexible database program. This means FrameReady users can search their own data, even over different date ranges, to discover trends and help with business decisions.

The team at Adatasol is a solid group of great people whom I very much enjoy working with: they are all so talented, helpful, always learning, encouraging, and fun to know and work with every day! I'm proud to build and improve the documentation for the FrameReady online help and website; it is interesting and challenging to organize all that information and create a useful tool to help all our FrameReady clients.

Carl lives with his wife and family in the little Victorian-styled town of Petrolia, Ontario, home of North America's first oil boom (yes, before Texas!). Carl enjoys learning about the world and all its interesting ways and things and people.

Photo: Bert de Roo

Bert de Roo

Founder and Developer Emeritus
May 16, 1953 - February 22, 2018

In 1982, Bert bought his first Apple computer and started writing a program to price custom picture frames in his little shop in the basement in Ottawa. The software became his passion and was officially launched in 1995 as "FrameReady Point of Sale Software" when he had the audacity and courage to attend his first trade show.

In 1998, Bert pursued developing software full time by beginning SoftTouch Solutions Inc and saw FrameReady grow to have thousands of users in 10 countries. The Professional Picture Framers Association awarded him the highest industry honour with its technology award in 2012. He was highly praised as hard-working, honest and kind, a man full of integrity. On January 31, 2018 Bert and Ev sold the business to Adatasol Inc., insuring that FrameReady would be advanced to the next generation.