Error Messages

Error Message



The date and time formats associated with FrameReady are different than the current system settings.  What date and time formats would you like to use?


Date and Time Format

There are ## records that are missing a pricing formula.  A default formula will now be applied to these records.


Missing Markups

FileMaker cannot share a file because FileMaker network sharing is turned off.


Network Sharing Turned Off

Filename.fmp12 is damaged and cannot be opened. Use the Recover command to recover this file.


Damaged Files

Files were improperly closed and a consistency check is processing.


A file is not closed properly when:

- external power is interrupted, shutting down the computer abruptly

- FileMaker Pro runs into a problem and presents a dialog box that requires the user to quit the application (for example, disk-read error or file-damaged error)

- another application (or the system software) crashes, causing FileMaker Pro to crash

- FileMaker Pro freezes, forcing a manual reboot of the computer

- a manual reboot is made for some other reason

Note: In each of these cases, it is possible that the active file and all unlocked local files that are open at the same time may have been damaged. Damage to a file may occur in both active and inactive tables. Files opened across the network from a remote computer are unlikely to be damaged because the remote FileMaker Pro application is still open.

The script cannot be found or has been deleted.  Would you like to continue or cancel this script?


Repairing All Files

File Not Found! Please ensure you are currently connected to the internet.

Vendor Updates

File Not Found

There are a number of duplicate codes which could be problematic for pricing. This should be resolved before continuing.

Code Tables

Duplicate Codes

Could not be found in the Price Codes file.

Price Codes

The double-quote character ” was entered into the Item number field. Never use this as an abbreviation for the word inch as it cannot be read by FileMaker Pro.

#-[username] is modifying this record. You cannot use this record until #-[username] is finished.

Editing records


Multiple users are attempting to edit the same record. All but one user must leave the record.

[filename].pdf could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk.


Email PDF

Create a folder in your Documents named "FrameReady Documents". FrameReady 11 is programmed to automatically create this folder if it does not exist.

FR9: Please create a folder on your Desktop named "FrameReady Documents" in which to store the PDF files. Then try again.

This record cannot be modified in this window because it is already being modified in a different window.


Commit the record on the previous window (for example, the cursor may have been left blinking in one of the fields)

This Work Order has been posted to an Invoice and cannot be changed to an Estimate!

Work Orders

Use the Duplicate Work Order button and then switch to an Estimate.

The Work Order quantity cannot be changed because the "Other" component is set to "Post lines separately" to an Invoice.

Work Order

Click Options button and in the popover, untick the "Post lines separately" checkbox.

A number of records were given a program default formula. Please check these records for any pricing problems, and also check your database of available formulas to make sure you have default formulas set up.

Following a Vendor Update

At some point, the Pricing Options and Defaults for this Vendor's items was changed.

See: Pricing Options and Defaults Button


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