Damaged Files

Power failures, hardware problems or other factors can occasionally damage a FrameReady file.

Error Message

If a file is damaged, then FrameReady identifies the file or files in need of recovery when you open the program, e.g.

Data02.fmp12 is damaged and cannot be opened. Use the Recover command to recover this file.

There are two types of files in your FrameReady program, each with their own solution:

Recover Data Files

Repair Other Files

  • If it is any other file that is damaged (MainMenu, Invoice, Work Order, etc)

  • Then: Repair a Damaged File (Windows Only).

WARNING: The Repair Method replaces the damaged file with a clean copy from the original FrameReady installer. If you have made any customizations to that file, they will be lost using the Repair Method.

Friendly Reminder

It is very important to back up your files on a regular basis.


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