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Software Maintenance

Keep Your FrameReady Software Up-To-Date

Software upgrades are released regularly to all clients with an Annual Software Maintenance Plan.

Version 10.2v6 (FrameReady and FrameReady Lite) is now available for all Annual Software Maintenance Plan Subscribers.
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Release Notes
List of Added, Modifed and Fixed Items

What's New in FrameReady 10?

What's New in FrameReady 9?

What's New in FrameReady 10

An overview as well as brief demonstrations of the new features available in FrameReady 10.


What is Software Maintenance?

The Annual Software Maintenance plan provides you with any FileMaker and FrameReady version upgrades for one year from date of the plan's purchase.

Renewable annually, 1 year after the date of your original FrameReady purchase and is only valid for your original purchased version.

How do I enroll in the Software Maintenance Plan?

Each new client is automatically enrolled in the Software Maintenance Plan and given one free year. This plan ensures that your version of both FrameReady and FileMaker Pro software are the most current.

If a new version of FrameReady is released during your maintenance period, you are eligible to receive the upgrade(s) at no additional cost.

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What happens if I don't renew?

Unfortunately, if you allow your Software Maintenance Plan to expire, it becomes null and void.

When the next version of FrameReady is released, you would be paying a minimum of $599 USD / $699 CDN for the upgrade of FrameReady & FileMaker Pro for one computer, and for each additional networked computer a FileMaker Pro license needs to be purchased at a cost of $299 USD / $349 CDN.

Will you let me know before my plan expires?

Yes, we send out email reminders and reach out by telephone.

What is the advantage of keeping my Software Maintenance active?

Paying the Software Maintenance Plan for 6 years would still not equal the cost of ONE upgrade. The best option is to keep your Maintenance Plan up to date.

As time goes on and technology advances, the chances are that you will need to replace your computer. Because the Software Maintenance Plan gives you access to the latest versions, you can be assured that your FrameReady will continue to run on newer machines.