Networking Overview

Networking FrameReady to two or more devices (computer or iPad) is accomplished by setting up a LAN (local area network) and installing FileMaker  on each computer (or FileMaker Go on each iPad) and FileMaker Server on a separate computer.

Tip: If you are unsure of how to set up a local area network (LAN), then we recommended that you have a network administrator set it up for you.

  • Using FrameReady on more than one computer is called FrameReady Multi User.

  • You can use your existing private wired ethernet (recommended) or wifi network (slower) to open FrameReady on other computers/devices.

  • The computer running FrameReady is called the Server and runs FileMaker Server software which hosts the FrameReady files.

  • The other computers on your network are called Guests and they run FileMaker in order to open FrameReady. The Guest computer first opens FileMaker and then, over your network, opens FrameReady.

  • See: Shared Files Overview for more information.


FileMaker has made a change to their platform that we must comply with: "Peer-To-Peer" non server-based sharing is no longer being supported. Instead, FileMaker Inc. requires the use of FileMaker Server software to make solutions, such as FrameReady, available for use over a network.

All users with two or more network stations must upgrade to FileMaker Server software.

Getting Started with Networking

Important: Although FileMaker Pro comes "bundled" with FrameReady, a separate Network License must be purchased from Adatasol Inc. for each additional networked device. Please call 1-888-281-3303

FileMaker Server

If you are networking two or more devices, then it is required that you use FileMaker Server to host your FrameReady files.

For more information on FileMaker Server, please visit the FileMaker website.


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