Work Order is posted but invoice not found

The Problem

A Work Order was previously posted to an Invoice; however the “Find Invoice” button displays the error “Invoice not found.”

The Solution

  1. In the Invoices, click Find and search for the Work Order #.
  2. If not found, then go to the Work Orders, click Find and search for that Work Order.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer over the Posted button to see what Invoice# it was posted to. Then do a find in the Work Order file for that Invoice # (bottom-center). This will show all the WOs on that Invoice – it will likely be different customers – but we want to see if there are more.
  4. Then for each, switch to layout mode (with status toolbar) and change to the “Find” layout and then back to Browse mode. Change the Posted field to Not posted for those records. Click Cancel to return to the Work Order.
  5. Verify that those Work Orders have now not been posted.