What is the Gallery Record?

The first record in your Contacts file is the one with the ID# Gallery. This is your record and it is called the “Gallery Record”. It has the ability to perform functions that other numbered records cannot do.

Never delete this record or change the name to a customer’s name. 

The Gallery record is the only one which can; use the Convert/Update button, automatically convert to a customer’s ID# when they purchase a gallery piece, and not be posted to an invoice.

If you cannot find the Gallery record in your Contacts file, contact Adatasol to have it put back.

When framing in stock art for retail sale in your own store, enter this record as the “customer” on the work order. Then use the Convert/Update side bar button to return the print back into stock.

Update feature

1. If you frame a piece of art for display in your shop, it becomes part of the GALLERY list of orders. You will always know what is available for sale on the wall.
2. FrameReady will put the art back into your inventory and combine the price of the art with the price of the framing by using the Convert/Update button.
3. If you sell one of the GALLERY’s framed pieces, FrameReady will remove it from inventory, take if off the list of work orders for the GALLERY and put the purchasing customer’s name on the work order. It now becomes part of their framing history.
Basically, anything for sale on the walls, is listed on the Gallery record. Anything that has sold, is listed on the record of the customer who purchased it.

Convert feature
If you have some scrap moulding and want to make it into a readymade frame, enter it onto a work order with the customer as GALLERY. Then click the Convert/Update button and it is converted into a readymade frame in your product file with a calculated price based on the cost of the moulding and glass. You can even print a page to insert into your readymade with your business name, product number, description, and price on it.