Invoice Options

Customize FrameReady to meet your invoicing needs. This feature offers printing selections and automatic entry of information.Accessed by Main Menu > Invoices section > Options tab or the Invoice Options side bar button in the Invoice file.

MM - Invoice options

Clicking More Options…. reveals three more tabs:

General Tab

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Show work order due date on invoice: The due date of a posted work order may or may not print on the invoice depending on the selection of this option.

Default to Rapid Entry Screen: Chose Yes if you are using the invoice file as a check out, i.e. art supply shop with barcode scanner. This facilitates quicker entry.

Auto Enter Sales Rep: A name in this field will auto enter on every new invoice (ideal for a one person shop). Leave this blank to force a name entry of person filling out invoice.

Prefix for custom framing: When work orders are posted to an invoice, the value in this field will be added to the beginning of the work order description, i.e. Framing: Horse in Field. The purpose of this is to distinguish artwork sales from framing jobs on the invoice.

On cash transaction round change to nearest .05 box: This conforms with Canadian retail standard practises with the elimination of the penny.

Done returns you to Main Menu or Invoice screen depending on where you began this procedure.


The Commissions text button allows you to set up the percentage amounts of sales commissions for each staff member. Commissions only apply to actual monies received on invoices. This information is gathered from the payments section of the invoice, not the line item entry. E.g. Sue Milton purchases $500 worth of framing but only deposits $200 in this pay period. The employee who took in the order receives a commission based on the $200.

Invoice Options Commissions

To set up:

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Invoices (the pale blue block)> Options tab > More Options (at the bottom).
  2. In the General tab, click Commissions (at the bottom) > New Record.
  3. Click in the Sales Rep field and choose the employee, or type in their name exactly as it appears in the Sales Rep field on the invoice.
  4. Click in the Commission field and enter the percentage by decimal, i.e. 10% = .10.
  5. Click Done.

The printed report can be accessed from Main Menu > Invoices > Sales Reports > Commissions button. Enter in a date range of receipts. Click Proceed. A preview of the report will appear, entitled Receipts Sorted by Sales Rep. Click Continue (top right corner) > OK to print the report.


Print Options Tab

MM - Invoice Options Tab Printing

FrameReady gives you the option of two pre-formatted invoice forms (one-part and two-part). Samples of these forms can be printed by clicking Main Menu > InvoicePrint Blank Invoice Form.

Select style of invoice to print:

Invoice Options Printing

TWO-PART FORM: In order to save time and paper FrameReady can be set up to print out a two-part form. The lower half is detached and kept by the merchant and the upper half is given to the customer. Have perforated paper prepared for this purpose.

UNFORMATTED: FrameReady is also designed so that you can take advantage of having forms pre-printed. Take one of the blank forms to a print shop and have a quantity of forms printed. This will save both time and money in the long run. Be sure to have your print shop perforate the form so that the two-parts can be easily separated.

Choose one of the following print options to meet your hardware requirements. All invoices are sized for 8 1/2 x 11 paper in a vertical/portrait orientation.

Print Copies > 1, 2, 3, or 4 copies.

Pause on Preview > Yes, No, Don’t Preview – Select Pause on Preview if you wish to create a PDF of the invoice to email to a customer.

Show Print Dialog Box before Printing – Having the print dialog box show before printing will give you more control over your print options but may reduce the speed of printing an invoice.

Allow for use of Receipt Printer – In some retail environments it may be preferable to use a receipt printer instead of printing an 8 1/2 x 11 invoice. Usually this scenario involves several computers running FrameReady on a network. In such situations the computer with the receipt printer is dedicated to a sales check-out counter. An electronic cash drawer can be attached to the receipt printer and is triggered by the printing of the receipt.

Note: FrameReady only supports Parallel port or USB type printers. Call STS for suggested makes and models.

Done returns you to Main Menu or Invoice screen depending on where you began this procedure.

Rewards Tab

MM - Invoice Options Tab Rewards

Reward Points Ratio: allows you to enter a dollar value equal to one point. This is only calculated on the sales total before taxes. FrameReady automatically defaults down. E.g. If $19 the customer would only receive one point. If $22 the customer would receive 2 points.

Reward Points Redemption: when the customer wishes to redeem their points you can set how many points = Dollars, Euros, Pounds.

Reward Points may be used to pay sales tax Check box: Shop owner may chose this option by clicking in the box.

Done returns you to Main Menu or Invoice screen depending on where you began this procedure.