Replace Command

The Replace Field Contents command is an excellent tool to change a group of records all at once. It is only available with level3 or level4 accounts.

Important: when using this command, it is critical to remember that it does not have an “undo” feature. Once the change is made, it is permanent.

The Replace Command has three basic options:

  1. Replace a group of records to be exactly the same as each other in a single field.
  2. Reset serial numbering of work orders, etc.
  3. Modify a value in a field by using a calculation.

Replace with an “exact item”

  1. Do a Find for the item to be replaced, e.g. incorrect spelling of city, price to be increased, etc.
    The found items appear in a list view.
  2. Click in the field to be modified. If the field is not available, you may need to go to the Form View.
    The cursor appears in the field or the field may be highlighted in reverse.
  3. Enter the change you wish to make.
    Although you have only made the required change in this one record, the Replace Contents command will make the same change in all the records in the current found set.
  4. Choose Records > Replace Contents.
    The new contents of the field appear in quotation marks and the # of records identified in the found set.Replace Dialog Box
  5. Click the Replace button after verifying that all the information is correct.

Replace with no value

Use the same steps to delete a value from a group of records. The only difference will be the “Replace with” value which will have nothing entered between the two quotation marks. Replace with: “”

Replace with serial numbers

This option can severely alter your records, therefore it is not recommended that you use this option without first consulting technical support at STS. 1-888-281-3303.

Replace with a calculated result

This feature has a number of variables.

Remember to use this command function with caution.