How to work with Keywords

Keywords (or Customer Preferences) provide an excellent way to track certain mailing lists, advertising campaigns, group discount members, coupons, and other important marketing information. Keywords can be of great statistical help when used in conjunction with the Find feature.

Setting up the Keywords will help you keep your Contacts file organized and as a result it will become a better tool for you to manage your shop. Use keywords for grouping customers together, not for individual notes. Use the Group/Details tab fields for individual specific information, such as birthdates, children’s names, pet names.

Setting up Keywords

New keywords may be added at any time but the expeditious time is at the creation of a new customer record. Keywords Add remove

  1. Go to Contacts file > Keywords tab > Add/Remove Keywords.
    The Keywords palette will appear on the far right of the screen. Caution: Do not choose Records > Replace Field Contents to add a Keyword to a found set of records, this will wipe out all the other preferences in those records.
  2. Click New.
    Type your new keyword in the new field which appears at the bottom of the list.
    Tip: In order to make the most of FrameReady’s tools for marketing, set up Keywords by which to search for customers or delineate mailing/emailing lists. Use generic terms here, such as: “Chamber of Commerce”; “Groupon”; “Ad-website”Do not enter customer specific notes, such as, “only send texts”. 
  3. Click the Update button.
    Even though the items are not alphabetically sorted on this Add/remove palette, they will be sorted properly on the Keywords tab.
  4. Exit palette by clicking Close.
Organizing Keywords

Keep your keywords organized by entering them in properly from the get go. One idea is to sort them using groups such as ads, lists, clubs, e.g., begin all advertising campaigns with Ad-, mailing lists with Mailing-. You may wish to have a Keyword entitled”Email”. Mark this when you have recorded the customer’s eddress and have asked their permission to use it for ad campaigns.
These check-boxes provide an excellent way to track certain mailing groups, advertising campaigns, members of discount groups, frequent framer coupons and other marketing routes. See this article

Using Keywords

All contacts are automatically marked as “General” whenever a new record is created. Use General to do a mailing to everyone in your database (e.g. We’ve Moved — new location, new hours of operation).

Check as many appropriate boxes for each contact as you can. This gives you ultimate flexibility and versatility.

Keywords can be of great statistical help when used in conjunction with the Find feature.

  • Example: You want to keep track of all the needlework customers because once a year you wish to send a special notification to just this group in order to let them know about your special promotion. But you wish to only send emails. Use the Keyword “Needle worker” and Perform Find for only those on this special list with an email address in the field.

To search for all contacts using the same keyword:

  1. Go to Contacts file > Find.
  2. Check the box of the Keyword you wish to search.
  3. Click Perform Find.
    The list view will appear if more than one contact is using the Keyword. If only one, then the form view. 

The best time to record customer preferences or keywords is when you create a New Customer from the Work Order screen side bar button.

New Customer button

Keywords appear at the bottom left hand corner of the New Customer Information entry screen.

WO- New Customer

Check all boxes that apply. If you do not see the keyword with a check-box that you need, you may create a new one by clicking New Keyword. It’s a perfect time to ask them how they would prefer you contacting them or if they would like to receive your newsletter or eblast.

When you are finished, click Done. If you have missed a preference you can always look up the customer in the Contacts file and add it later.

Access: Contacts file > Customer > Keywords tab > Add/Remove Keywords

Contacts - Keywords

There are other sections of the Contacts file which can be used to record special mailings, access statistical reporting, and other reference information: Artists, and Date/Notes and Group/Details.