How to issue a refund

How to issue a refund.

Access: Invoice file > New Invoice
New Invoice







  1. Enter the customer’s name (if known) using the pink magnifying glass icon.
  2. On the line item entry use the magnifying glass icon (Search Item) to enter the product or work order number of the returned item (purple button for older versions of FrameReady.)
    This will help to locate all components of the work order and allow the retail product to be updated in the Product file. If no price appears, then enter it in the Unit Price field.
  3. Enter the quantity (Qty) as a negative number.
  4. Click Enter a Payment.
    The amount will be a negative.
  5. Click Tender .
  6. Select Refund – … .
  7. Click Done or Done…. .

You make want to enter an explanation for this refund in the Invoice Note field in the lower left corner of the Invoice screen.

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