How to correct the Frame Orientation icon on a Work Order

How do I switch the orientation of the frame on the work order?

  • When you create a new work order a dialog box appears asking to select an orientation.
  • The orientation you select will appear on the screen and on the printed work order. Orientation
  • You may choose to by-pass this step by clicking None.
  • If the orientation and measurements do not agree, a red-lettered message will appear in the Message/Alert box identifying a possible error.
To correct this or to simply change the orientation:
  1. Click on the orientation icon between the width and height.
    A dialog box appears asking if you wish to correct the orientation.
  2. Click Orientation.
  3. To switch the Width and Height, click Measurements.
  4. To remove the orientation click None.
    If you select None, the icon will not appear on your screen but a square icon appears on the printed work order.