How to create Work Order Templates

How do I set up some templates to do quantities of repeat orders?  You can create simple templates in FrameReady to ensure that all the necessary charges are entered for repeat designs (ie, Needlework, Jerseys, etc.) or for handling Poster Specials, Printing, or Scanning. (To create orders which require the materials to be entered without the price changing, see Package Special Pricing.)

The Template is used to quickly repeat an order but still be able to make adjustments to size and materials.

  1. Create a new work order for each design you would need to repeat. E.g. Template for Jerseys.
  2. Use your Gallery ID# as the Customer‘s Name.
    Tip: Type the word Gallery into the ID number field and your account will automatically be entered. A work order with the customer as Gallery can never be accidentally posted to an invoice.
  3. Select the type of Artwork being handled (e.g. Jersey) or the service being done (e.g. Scanning).
  4. Enter “Template” as the name for the sales rep in the Order Taken By field. Select, Edit… from the drop down list to add “Template” to the list.
    Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.42.25 PM
    This will make it easy to find all of the Templates or the list of Templates specifically for a type of framing if you combine the search with the Artwork field (Eg. Jersey) and the Order Taken By field (Eg. Template) to find all the different templates you have for Jerseys.
  5. Save each of these Template work orders as an Estimate.
    This will ensure that the templates do not get processed as a regular work order with materials being added to your Frame Order or Purchase Order.

To find a Template:

  1. From the Main Menu > Find Work Order. Or, go to the Work Order file and click on the Find button
  2. Select Templates from the Order Taken By field (or Artwork category value list if you have used it.)
  3. Click on the Perform Find button.
    A list of all of your templates will appear showing that they are all Estimates.
    Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.11.35 PM

To use a Template:

  1. Click on the template in the list which is to be used.
  2. Duplicate the order using the Duplicate Work Order button on the side bar.
    This will create the identical design but with a new date. It will also change the Order Taken By to the default name or leave it blank. This removes the customer’s order from your next Template search.
  3. Clear the Gallery ID with the teal Clear button and enter the customer.
  4. Click the green Activate button to make this a work order and therefore be part of your incomplete list, have the materials ordered, be posted to an invoice, etc.
  5. If you have used the Artwork field to identify the Template, then click on the word Template and select the item being framed. Do not leave the Artwork category as “Template” as this will add actual orders to your Template list on your next search.

Your template will still be available for future use.