When entering fillets, how can I adjust the lip size?

The Problem

How do I prevent the fillet from covering too much of the artwork?

The Solution

This method is when your fillet is in the frame, as a layered or stacked frame.*

Access: Work Order file
  1. Click on layered frame icon.  Layered frame icon
  2. Enter the fillet in the Frame1 position.Layered frame detail
  3. Click the Modify button for Frame1.
    Insert- Modify
  4. Adjust the Width size to match the sight size of the fillet.
  5. In the Lip field, either leave it blank or enter 0 to achieve the desired result as shown in the diagram.
    Lip size
  6. In the Group field, confirm that the group is Fillet.
  7. Click Done.

Note: Changes made in this screen will be saved in the Price Codes file and applied to the current work order AND all future orders using this fillet.

*If your fillet is being placed in a mat, then use the Fillet field to perform the size modification.