Glass Pricer Screen

Use this feature to help you to create a new Code Table or update an existing one to accurately price your glass.

  • Price your glass by lite size, based on your wholesale cost times a markup plus a set price (Cost x Markup + Set Price). The wholesale cost is determined by the box Price divided by the number of lites per box.
A Note on the Calculations Used
  • The calculation for the Cost Per Square Inch is:Cost Per Square Inch = (( Box Price  /  Lites Per Box ) / ( X  x  Y ))
  • The calculation for Square Inches is:Square Inches =  X  x  Y 
  • The formula for the Retail Price is:Retail Price =  Cost Per Square Inch  x  Square Inches  x  Markup  +  Set Price 

Glass Pricer Screen Explained

X Field
  • The width of glass dimension.
Y Field
  •  The height of glass dimension.
Box Price Field
  • The amount you pay for one box of glass in the size entered in X and Y fields.
Lites Per Box
  • The number of lites (full sheets of glass) that are in the box

Tip: If you do not purchase glass by the box, then enter the per lite price in the box Price field and enter 1 in the Lites Per Box field.

Price Codes (Icon) Button
  • Return to the glass record your were previously viewing in the Price Codes file.
Code Tables Button
  • Open the Code Tables screen and present the most recently viewed Code Table.
Build New Table Button
  • Creates a pricing chart for 21 common glass sizes based on the X and Y size, the Box Price and the number of lites per box.
  • The wholesale cost is broken down to a cost per square inch.
  • The number of square inches for each glass size are multiplied by the Markup and a Set Price is added to determine a Retail Price for each size.
  • If you change any of the fields at the top of the screen in the pink area, then click the Build New Table button to recalculate the Retail Prices for all sizes. This will also add any sizes you have previously removed. (TIP: Use the Restore Default For This Table button to recalculate any pricing changes in the top pink area without adding back in the sizes you previously removed in the lower portion of the screen.)
Markup Field
  • Must be entered as a number or decimal, e.g.  2.5  , and is the multiplier applied to the cost of the area of glass.
Set Price
  • The dollar amount added per lite size.
Restore Default For This Table Button
  • Recalculates the prices using the amounts entered in the fields in the top pink area of the screen: X, Y, Box Price, Lites Per Box, Markup, and Set Price. It will not add back in any sizes which you may have deleted in the lower portion of the screen.
Update Code in Code Tables Button
  • Replaces the existing Code Table (identified in the field below the button) with the sizes and retail prices shown in the current screen.
  • A new Code Table can be added by typing the code name to be used into the field. Use the drop down list to ensure that the code name is not already is use. Pricing in this table can only be used when it has been converted into a Code Table.
Glass Pricer Line Items
  • All fields can be clicked into and modified with the exception of: Cost Per Square and Square Inches which are both calculated fields.
  • The Delete (X) button removes the entire line item. This cannot be undone.
  • To add a line, click on Records in the menu bar and select New Record then enter the size. Or use the Build New Table button which will add all deleted sizes and put the pricing back to the calculations set at the top of the screen.
Restore Default Button  (in Glass Pricer Line Items)
  • This button only appears when changes have been made to the: Box Price, Lites Per Box, Markup, or Set Price fields.
  • Removes the change(s) made to the pricing of this one line and replace(s) it with the original calculation set at the top of the screen in the pink section.