How to add discounts on an Invoice

There are several ways for you to enter discounts directly onto an invoice.

A) Enter a percentage discount for one or two items.

B) Discount all Retail items on invoice by percentage.

C) Manually enter a dollar discount.

D) Enter a dollar discount using an Item Number.

Access: Invoice Data Entry screen
A) Enter a percentage discount for one or two items

This method is best when you only have one or two items to discount of the same or different percentage.

  1. 1. Enter the items onto the invoice, then click into the percentage field and type in the decimal value. Eg. .20 for 20%
B) Discount all Retail items on invoice by percentage

It is recommended that you enter all items to be discounted, apply the discount, and then enter non-discounted items. Or you can enter items that have different discounts and then apply an amount to those items.

  1. Click Discount button, far left.
    Entering discounts
    This presents a dialog box to select a discount to be applied to all retail items on the current invoice. When finding line items to subtotal, the program automatically omits lines items that already have a discount, or the category is ‘work order’ or the category ‘gift certificate’.
  2. Click one of the pre-set buttons or enter the discount value in the Discount field.
  3. Click Proceed.
C)  Manually enter a dollar discount on an item

Dollar value discounts must be entered on a separate line. Be sure to enter the category field or your financial records will not balance. The discount will not appear in the Savings field.

  1. Enter the items onto the invoice, then click in the line below the item to be discounted or after the last item on the list.
  2. In the Description field, enter the reason for the discount.
  3. In the Category field, select the word Discount. If it does not appear in the drop down list, type it into the field. Once it is entered on an invoice, it will then be available in the list on all subsequent invoices.
  4. In the Qty (Quantity) field, enter the amount as a negative. Eg. -1
  5. In the Unit Price field enter the dollar amount to be give as a discount as a positive number. Eg. 5.
    The Subtotal field will automatically display the amount as a negative. 

D) Enter a dollar discount using an Item Number

This method will allow you to quickly enter a selected dollar discount and autofill the line item on the invoice. It also helps to track how often discounts are given.

Creating the Discount Item

  1. Create a record or item in the Products File by clicking on the New Item button in the top right.
    (Tip: you can change the generated product number to be something unique and easy to remember such as, DISC-A, or DISC-10, etc.)
  2. Enter the Description (E.g. Authorized Discount, Discount of $10).
  3. Select the Category as Discount.
  4. Under the Pricing tab, in the RETAIL field, enter the dollar amount as a negative. (E.g. -10).

Entering the Discount Item

  1. Create an invoice as usual and enter the Item(s) sold to the customer.
  2. In the next available line, enter the discount item you created in the Product File (E.g. DISC-A). All of the fields will auto fill and the amount will be a negative.
    The Qty field in the product file will track how often the item is used on an invoice.