Creating Pricing Structure for Mat Design, Hardware, Extra and Fitting

Setting up the pricing for the items in Mat Design, Hardware, Extra and Fitting

First customize your lists to meet your own needs. See this article.

Now set up the pricing for the items in Mat Design, Hardware, Extra and Fitting. Default pricing has been set up in FrameReady, however, you should modify it to match the pricing needed for your business. The pricing in these four groups is calculated with either a set price, code table or a price per united inch.

TIP: If you haven’t raised your prices in a few years, this might be a good time to do it; while you are looking at your current pricing system.

1) In the Price Codes file, click on Mat Design and then click List View to see all the items currently listed with that group. Click in the first item to be priced.

2) Enter the wholesale cost (blue box on left), if applicable, then click on the Pricing tab (E.g. Fitting Pricing, Hardware Pricing, etc.). You will have several options.

To price by a fixed dollar amount, use Set Price. (E.g. Shop Hour Rate = $70)

To price by an amount per United Inch, use the Price per UI box. (E.g. Glass Cleaning = .20 per UI)

To price by a United Inch Code Table (like the suppliers use), click on the Code tab >  Code Tables button. You can either select an existing code or create your own. See detailed instructions.  (E.g. Fillet Fit is: 18UI = $9.30, 21UI = $9.90, 25UI = $10.70) You will need to go back to the item you are pricing and select that Code Table you created for the pricing to be applied to this item.

Or, you can use a combination of Set Price and Price per UI by clicking on the box to combine pricing. (Remember that the Set Price affects the smaller sizes the most and the Price per UI affects the larger sizes the most.)

3) Use the yellow arrows at the top of the screen to move through your records one at a time. You can always come back later and tweak your prices; so don’t worry about making them absolutely perfect the first time.