Contacts are missing

The Problem

  • Instead of the expected Contact information appearing when you view a Work Order, it is missing or empty.
  • The Work Order shows the Contact, but when switched to List View, it cannot be found.
  • When searching for the Contact the record does not appear in the results.
  • When viewing incomplete Work Orders the Contact field is empty.

The Reason

  • Extra “returns” or empty spaces are pushing the name down to the next line.

How to Fix a “Missing” Contact

  1. If the Contact is shown in the Work Order, then open the Contacts file.The contact record appears.
  2. Check for these:
    • Check for empty spaces in the Company field. If found, then Backspace them all out (extra spaces or carriage returns create a new blank line when FrameReady attempts to display the name).
    • Ensure that the Contact’s name is in the first line and not the second (There are two line entries for the Contact name; FrameReady uses the first line).
  3. After making these changes, confirm that the Contact data is now visible.