Troubleshoot Vendor Updates

Start here to diagnose any Vendor Update issues.

“File Not Found!” when trying to do a Vendor Update

The Problem

When doing a Vendor Update, you may receive the error message: File Not Found! Please ensure you are currently connected to the internet.

The Solution

There is a problem with your internet connection:

  1. Check your internet connection; check your wifi connection.

  2. Open your web browser and ensure that you are able to navigate the web. Additionally, make sure that you can navigate to

  3. Check your anti-virus or network protection software to make sure that is not blocked.

I did a Vendor Update and need to change how it’s ordered

The Problem

When doing a Vendor Update, you selected a preferred method of pricing (Join, Chop or Length) and now need to change it.

The Solution

Follow the steps from this Online Help article: Apply an Order Type to a Group

How can I find discontinued items?

The Problem

How can I find which items have been discontinued, or at least marked as ‘Not Verified,’ from one or more suppliers?

The Solution

You can perform a find for all discontinued or not verified items from one supplier or from all of them.

  1. In the Price Codes file click the Find button.The Enter Search Criteria screen appears.

  2. In the Validation field, select the Not Verified or Discontinued.

    If you want to find both Not Verified and Discontinued, then click the New Request button (in the toolbar) and select the one as a second request.

  3. Click in the Supplier field and select a supplier if you want to only locate the items of that one supplier, e.g. Bainbridge.

Note: The more criteria you enter on the search screen, the more refined the search results are, e.g. if you select discontinued and select supplier: Bainbridge and Group: matboard, then FrameReady only finds the discontinued Bainbridge mats. It will not locate any of the Bainbridge Bevelled Accents (which are in the group: fillet). Nor will it locate the matboards from any company other than Bainbridge.

  1. Click Perform Find.A list appears that you can print or browse.


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