Select your Paper Flow

The customer arrives and together you select the framing materials. The order is placed in your FrameReady program and now you need paperwork. You have several choices!

The Printed Work Order

This document is for production purposes only but may be signed or authorized by the customer.

  • The Work Order shows the details required to put the frame job together. In addition to the usual information (work order number, due date, cost of the art and framing, client name, dimensions, etc.) it also shows frame orientation, special notes and a bar code.

  • You may print as many copies as you need for your frame shop production flow.

  • As the order is completed, items can be checked off or notes written on the page. Once the order is finished, go back to the screen to mark the work order as ‘completed’ and remove the required moulding footage from your inventory.

  • The paper copy can be placed sequentially into a binder for your archives (highest number on top) or recycled.

  • See: Work Order Printing

The Work Order Summary

This customer document displays up to 4 orders on a page.

  • The Work Order Summary identifies the order number, customer name, when each item is due to be picked up and the total cost of the order.

  • The Work Order Summary also identifies the components of each work order, e.g. frame, mat, glass, hardware, etc. without revealing the cost of each item. This can be saved / emailed as a PDF.

  • This document is not recommended for comparison shoppers. Instead use the “Blind Estimate” or “Proposal” form for quotations.

  • See: Work Order General Summary and Work Order Detail Summary

The Art ID Tag

This a tag is for production purposes and shop use only.

  • The Art ID Tag can be attached to each piece of art brought in for means of identification. It is an efficient tool for keeping track of similar looking pictures e.g. graduation photos, etc.

  • See: Print Art ID Tags

The Blind Estimate

If you have a lot of comparison shoppers, then don’t give away all your efforts to create a custom frame order. Print a blind estimate instead.

  • The Blind Estimate gives your store name and info, customer name, the title of the piece and the total amount. No details are given.

  • If the customer is concerned they won’t be able to remember which samples they selected and asks for a detailed copy, you can reassure them that your FrameReady program will store the information for them until they return with the ‘go ahead’ on the order. The order can be found and activated at any time.

  • The Blind Estimate can be saved and/or emailed as a PDF.

  • See: Work Order Estimate

The Proposal

  • By using the Job # field, any number of Work Orders can be batched together for a proposal regardless of date, company or customer.

  • Same day customer orders are batched together automatically.

  • The Proposal can be saved and/or emailed as a PDF.

  • See: Work Order Proposal

The Invoice

FrameReady offers two different layouts for invoices. Both designs show basic information as well as date due, discount given, regular price, and price (after discount).

  • One is a basic invoice, the other is a two part form. The top portion can be given to the customer. The lower portion is separated and placed in the cash drawer with money received.

  • The Post to Invoice sidebar button on the Work Order file automatically finds all orders for the same customer on the same day and puts them on one invoice.

  • Other items can then be added to the invoice by using the search button or simply typing the product number and the quantity purchased.

  • The Invoice can be saved and/or emailed as a PDF.

  • See: Invoice Formats

The Statements

  • With the click of a button, FrameReady finds all statements over 30 days past due and automatically prints them out.

  • Statements show date, invoice #, total due, all payments previously made and remainder owed.

  • The lower portion of the form has an area for a disclaimer to be entered.

  • Statements can be saved and/or emailed as a PDF.  

  • Customer address will show in the window of a No. 10 envelope when statements are folded in thirds.

  • See: Customer Statements

The End of Day

  • At the end of the business day, when you are ready to transfer your totals to your accounting program, this report gives you all the information at a quick glance. The supporting documentation is listed.

  • See: End of Day Reports

Payment / Deposit Report

  • Make your bank deposits at any time. FrameReady tracks the date of your last deposit and calculates all subsequent entries.

  • Payments are sorted by tender and totalled for you, so filling out your deposit slip is easy.

  • During high volume sales, you can make more than one deposit per day.

  • See: Payment Reports


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