Replace Command

The Replace Field Contents command is an excellent tool to change a group of records all at once.

This is an advanced feature, only available with level4 accounts.

Use with Caution

Important: When using this command, it is critical to remember there is no “undo” feature. Once the change is made, it is permanently changed. See also: Backing Up

The Replace Command has three basic options:

  1. Replace a group of records to be exactly the same as each other in a single field.

  2. Reset serial numbering of Work Orders, etc.

  3. Modify a field value by using a calculation.

How to Replace with an “exact item”

  1. Do a Find for the item to be replaced, e.g. incorrect spelling of city, price to be increased, etc.

    The found items appear in a list view.

  2. Click in the field to be modified. If the field is not available, you may need to switch to Form View.

    The cursor appears in the field (or the field may be highlighted in reverse).

  3. Enter the change you wish to make.

    Although you have only made the required change in this one record, the Replace Contents command can make the same change in all the records of the current Found Set.

  4. Keep the cursor in the field! Then, in the menu bar, click Records and choose Replace Contents.

  5. Click the Replace button after verifying that all the information is correct.

    The new contents of the field appear in quotation marks and the # of records identified in the found set.

How to Replace with No Value

  • Use the same steps (above) to delete a value from a group of records.

  • The only difference will be the “Replace with” value which will have nothing entered between the two quotation marks, i.e. Replace with:  “”

How to Replace with a Calculated Result

Remember to use this command function with caution.

This feature is useful if a supplier increases your wholesale cost by a percentage or if you received a percentage discount and want to decrease cost for a group of items.

  1. On the Main Menu, in the menu bar, click Perform and choose Restore Full Menus.

  2. Switch to your Price Codes and do a Find for the records you wish to modify, e.g. Select Roma from the Supplier field and wood from the Group field.

Tip: To select all moulding from a certain supplier, do not use the Group field, instead, put an X in the Moulding box located to the right of the Group field.

  1. Choose a record and switch to Form View. Locate and click in the colored wholesale Cost field which you wish to modify (Wholesale Cost for either Cost (Length), Chop or Join price.)

    The box changes to a slightly lighter color.

  2. In the menu bar, click Records and choose Replace Field Contents.

  3. The Replace Field Contents dialog box appears. It is important to pay close attention to the message which appears.

  4. Click the radio button for Replace with calculated result.

  5. The "Specify Calculation" dialog box appears.

  6. Click in the large blank area. Type in the word,  Round( 

  7. In the left pane, titled "Current Layout," locate and double-click the word which appeared on the previous screen.

    In our example it was, Cost (other fields are Chop or Join).

    The word we clicked is inserted into the large blank area, which now reads   Round(Cost 

  8. Under the Operators label, click once on the asterisk symbol.

    Our formula now reads   Round(Cost * 

  9. Using decimals, type in the amount to be multiplied by. For a 2% increase, you will need to type  1.02 

  10. Type a semi-colon after your multiplier 

  11. Enter a space and the number  and close the rounded bracket. This portion of the formula rounds off the amount so that your price does not go beyond two decimal places.

    Your formula should look like this  Round(Cost * 1.02; 2) 

  12. Click OK.

    The "Specify Calcuation" window closes.

  13. Click the Replace button.

    The increase you have entered is now complete.

Note: You must put the number 1 in front of the decimal amount by which you want to increase prices.

This gives the cost amount its original value plus the amount you want to increase by, for example 10.00 x 1.02 = 10.20

To decrease prices, calculate your multiplier, for example a 20% decrease will be Cost x .80 (10.00 x .80 = 8.00).

Other Calculation Commands

There are a variety of calculations that can be performed. If the calculation is entered incorrectly, you will not be able to proceed.

Although these features can save you a great deal of time and effort, they must be used with caution. If in doubt as to how a feature should be used, call the FrameReady Team at 1-888-281-3303.


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