Network Troubleshooting Overview

Follow these steps when a Guest device is unable to connect to your FrameReady Host computer.

Before You Begin...

  1. Open FileMaker on your Guest computer.

    The Launch Center window appears.

  2. In the file menubar, click File > Hosts > Show Hosts...  

If the Above Did Not Work, Then Continue

  1. On the Host Computer

  2. Ping Test on the Guest Computer

  3. Ping Test is Successful

  4. Check Host Computer Firewall

The Problem

Instead of loading FrameReady from the Host computer, FileMaker cannot find the Server.


  • Networking two or more computers to share FrameReady is accomplished by setting up a LAN (local area network).

  • FrameReady is installed on only one computer called the Server using FileMaker Server software.

    • FileMaker Server opens and hosts the files in the background.

    • FrameReady is not accessed or used on this computer.

  • All other computers on the LAN access the FrameReady files through FileMaker Pro and are known as Guests.

  • All guest computers access FrameReady by opening FileMaker Pro and opening FrameReady on the host.

Routers and Connections

  • All computers are connected to the network through a piece of hardware called a router. Check for router errors.

  • Connections can be wired or wireless, although wired connections are recommended whenever possible as it is faster and less susceptible to interference and poor signal quality sometimes experienced with wifi.

Things you can Check for Yourself

Although many factors can cause a guest to not be able to find the FrameReady files on the server, the most common hardware issues and software issues are addressed below:

Check for Hardware Issues

  • Check to see that all computers on the network can assess the internet.
    The most common network configuration is with a high-speed modem connecting to a router in which all computers are connected to; this allows all network stations to share the same internet connection.

  • If only one computer cannot access the internet, then you know the problem is only with that particular device.
    It may be a loose or damaged cable, or a problem with the network card. Make sure the network cable is securely connected to the network card at the back of the computer as well as the corresponding port on the router. You may also try replacing that cable.

  • If all computers on the network cannot access the internet, then try rebooting the router. This is done by unplugging the power to the router and plugging it back in.

  • When all computers on the network can access the internet, then you can safely assume that they are all connected to the network.

Check for Software Issues

  • If you are using FileMaker Server, ensure the files are open and the FileMaker Server service is running (refer to the FileMaker server manual for help).

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