Use the following steps to remove a FrameReady Contact from a Mailchimp List.

How to Remove a FrameReady Contact from a Mailchimp List

  1. Open the Contacts file in FrameReady and locate the customer's record.

  2. Open the Group/Details tab.

  3. There are two tabs: Interests and Mailchimp.

    Open the Mailchimp tab.

  4. To remove a FrameReady Contact from a specific Mailchimp Audience / List, click the teal X (to the right).

    When you click the X, FrameReady removes the record from the portal and sends an integration signal to Mailchimp to unsubscribe that particular contact from that list. 

  5. An alert appears to inform you that the FrameReady Contact has been removed from your Mailchimp List.

  6. You can verify that the Contact has indeed been removed by logging into your Mailchimp account (in a web browser) and viewing the Audience / List. You will see in the list of contacts, for that List, that the email address is labelled "Unsubscribed."

    You can add your Contact to multiple different Mailchimp Audience / Lists. You are not limited to just one per contact.

    Note: You will not be able to add a Contact to a Mailchimp List if the Contact's record does not yet have an email address added in FrameReady. Instead, a pop up notification will cancel out the process with the message to add an email address.


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