Labels Overview

Labels can be printed from various places in FrameReady: the Product Labels file, Products file, Contacts file, and Price Codes file.

FrameReady Webinar: Creating Custom Labels

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Label Features

  • Labels generally contain: item number; description; price; and a bar code.

  • Any Product number or Work Order number can be quickly entered by typing in the number and pressing the Tab key or clicking in another field.

  • You can create your own label layouts (using FileMaker Pro Advanced features).

  • Partially used label sheets can be reused by identifying the starting position of the first available label (count the empty labels and add one) and entering that value into the Start Position field.

Tip: you must add the sheet back into the printer in the same orientation it was first used.

  • Multiples of the same label can be printed by entering the Number of labels needed.

  • See also: Avery Labels

Label Printing in FrameReady

Labels from (Product) Labels

  • The Labels file contains several preset layouts for use with standard Avery™ labels (see below).  

  • The data to print on the label can be pulled from the Products, Work Order and Price Codes files.

  • See: Print one Product label for multiple records

Labels from Products

Labels from Contacts

  • In the Contacts file, you can print Mailing address labels (30 per page). See: Print Address Labels

Labels from Price Codes


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