Glazing/Fabric Detail Screen

Tip: The tabs at the top of each Work Order Detail Screen allow you to move through the Work Order in different ways.

Glazing or Fabric Detail Screen Explained

  • Enter up to 2 glazing options, check on inventory, and add individual discounts.

  • Across the top are tabs which show which of the detail screens you are in. These tabs allow for quick access to all work order detail screens, an alternate way of entering the components.


Glazing/Fabric Detail Screen Explained

1) Item Field

  • Use a barcode scanner or type the item number, or click in the field to enter up to two Items from a dropdown list. Or use the magnifying glass to search.It is an alternative method of entering the Item if you do not know the exact number.

  • When the matboard is found, the screen will fill in the information from the Price Codes file to the appropriate fields to the right.

2) Magnifying Glass Icon

  • Use to perform a look-up of the mat for that layer by ID, Supplier, or Group. Best used when you do not know the exact ID for the glazing.

Tip: You can enter just the first two or three digits/characters of the item in the search screen to receive potential results.

3) Blue Override Button

  • Used to enter items (names and retail price) for items that are not currently in your Price Codes file.

Tip: This is a handy feature if you are pricing a new glazing option.

4) Thickness Field

  • Of components. This affects the Required Rabbet Depth on the Work Order screen.

  • Fills in this value based on the information in the Price Codes file. Effects the total depth required for framing components shown on the main Work Order screen.

5) Price Field

  • Retail price based on the current Work Order sizing and calculated from data within the Price Codes file.

6) Discount Field

  • Used to apply a percentage discount to the individual glazing or fabric. Must be notated on every component it should be applied to.

7) Combine Formula and Code Pricing Checkbox

  • When there is a code present, selecting this box will revise the pricing for the selected component.

  • An X here shows that the advanced Combine Formulaand Code Pricing was selected in the Price Codes file. If it is blank, do not check it here as it could double the price of this item, provided that a code appears in the green Code Price tab below.

Warning: If not checked, then do not check here as it may double the price of the item (provided that a code appears in the Code Price tab below).

8) Fit to Frame Button

  • Allows the designer to dictate which frame to fit the glazing or fabric to in the case of multiple layers of frames on an order.

  • Allows you to select the frame next to which your glazing is fitting. If you have used the layered frame feature to price a stacked frame then the frames will be highlighted in blue on the icon. You may designate where the glazing is to be placed. FrameReady will size and price the glazing accordingly. The Fit to Frame field is used when glazing or fabric needs to be measured to the rabbet of a frame other than Frame1 (Frame1 is always closest to the artwork).

  • For example: You want to stretch a fabric over a liner or you want to place the glazing on top of the liner. In either case, the liner is entered in the Frame1 field (in the Layered Frames screen) and the fabric or glazing (or both) is entered in the detail screen with 2 selected in the Fit to Frame field.

9) Layered Frames Button

  • Displays the potential frames that the glazing could be fit to. When there is a possible frame it displays a shade of blue in the frame.

10) Width and Height Fields

  • The proper size for the glazing based on the frame that it is fit to.

11) Clear (X) Button

  • Select this button to remove the line item permanently.

12) Total Price for the Matboards Field

  • A not modifiable field listing the total price for the components selected for the order.


About the Glazing/Fabric Detail Tabs

The tabs below provide you with information and the ability to change the pricing for just this order.

Inventory Tab

This field shows the name of the item is being used. Width and Height show the size of the lite (as preset in the Price Codes file). Inv shows how much of the lite is used, quarter, half or full sheet for this job. Pieces shows how many of this size may be cut from this size of stock.

  • Provides basic inventory information about the current mats selected. Details are brought over from the Price Codes file to show thesize of a full sheet and current inventory as you have noted in your database.

W and H Fields

  • Displays the Width and Height of the full sheet of component selected.

Inv Field

  • The current number of sheets available in your inventory.

Pieces Field

  • The number of pieces that can be cut from the component.

Check Inventory Button

  • Click to display inventory data for all of the components in the order. Switch to the component to review by selecting the corresponding button.

Tip: You can add to your current inventory by adding to this screen. The additions will be added to your Price Codes file.

Qty Field

  • The current amount you listed in the inventory within the Price Codes file.

X and Y Field

  • Width and Height for the component

Total Field

  • Total inventory (not price)

Location Field

  • Physical location you listed within the Price Codes file

Unit of Measure Tab

This tab identifies how the item is being priced based on how it is being measured; UI, square inch, square foot, square yard, or linear yard. Unlike the other components, such as mounting or matboard, the size of the glazing/fabric can vary depending on the Fit to Frame position.

  • The price of each mat is based on how it is being measured: UI, square inch, square foot, square yard, linear yard, united inch, and linear inch. A simple chart reveals the measure code for each component along with the calculated measurement.

Code Price Tab

Code, Code Price by UI and Code Price by XY populate from the Price Code file. A code price will over-ride any formula pricing and the XY price will have priority over the UI price. If no code is entered, FrameReady will calculate the price based on the formula. These fields are modifiable and affect only the current work order.

  • The details for each value will populate from the Price Codes file. Using the Code pricing will override any Formula pricing. Changes made here will only effect the current work order and not future orders.

Code Field

  • Enter the code you would like to override to.

Code Price by XY Field

  • Will have priority over UI pricing.

Code Price by UI Field

  • Will only effect the pricing if nothing is entered in the XY field.

Formula Tab

A formula is used to calculate a price only when there is no Code Price. The formula is based on the calculated cost x a markup + set price. The MarkUp and Set Price fields are modifiable and affect the current work order only.

  • The formulas created on this tab will only override the prices when there is no Code Price entered for the specific mat or fabric.

Cost Tab

The Cost is based on the size as indicated. These are populated from the Price Codes file.

  • Cost calculations cannot be edited on this tab as these values originate from the Price Codes file.


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