Fit to a Readymade

Fit in Readymade allows you to enter a readymade frame size (e.g. 16×20) and a mat window/opening size to determine the required mat margins.

  • This feature is particularly helpful when a customer brings in their artwork with their own frame and you need to cut a mat to fit (it basically allows you to easily work backwards from the frame size in, instead of the normal way).

  • Image and White Space measurements can be entered on the Work Order screen first or entered on the Fit to Readymade screen itself.

How to Fit to a Readymade Frame

Caution: When Auto Inventory is active, this button is not visible until you click the Modify Work Order button.

  1. From the Main Menu, in the Work Orders section, click the New Work Order button.

  2. Click the Fit in Readymade sidebar button.

  3. The Fit in Readymade window appears.

  4. Enter the width and height inside frame dimensions.

    Press the
    Tab key and the cursor automatically moves to the next correct field.

  5. Enter the width and height window/opening size of the mat (if you didn’t do so on the Work Order screen).

  6. Click the Center Window button.

    FrameReady calculates the necessary margin size.

  7. The window positioning can be adjusted by entering new measurements in the bottom and right margins.

  8. If you do not wish to add bottom weight, then click Make Top & Sides the Same button.

  9. When satisfied, click Done and the mat measurements are imported into the Work Order.

Note: White Space measurements can be entered on the Work Order screen, however, when you click Done, the Work Order screen will not show the White Space separately but, instead, it will be added to the image width and height.


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